Funny Wiffle Ball Team Names

Wiffle ball is all about fun, camaraderie, and a bit of friendly competition. One way to add an extra dash of amusement to the game is by coming up with hilariously, clever and funny wiffle ball team names.

From puns to pop culture references, here are some side-splitting and funny wiffle ball team names that might just make your opponents crack a smile.

500+ Funny Wiffle Ball Team Names (Awesome & Catchy Ideas)

  1. Curveball Crushers – Mastering the curveball and crushing opponents.
  2. Wiffle Wizards – Magicians of the wiffle ball game.
  3. Bat-ter Jokes – Puns and humor are their playing style.
  4. Foul Ball Funnies – Making the game hilarious, even on fouls.
  5. Whiffle Warriors – Fearless warriors of the wiffle field.
  6. Batter Up Banter – Chatting while waiting for that perfect pitch.
  7. Ballpark Buffoons – Making everyone laugh within the ballpark.
  8. The Wiffle Whisperers – Experts in predicting wiffle ball movements.
  9. The Dinger Dudes – Known for hitting those jaw-dropping dingers.
  10. Curveball Kings – Unbeatable when it comes to curveball throws.
  11. The Strikeout Squad – Always aiming for perfect strikeouts.
  12. Wiffle Ball Wits – Sharp-minded players with witty gameplay.
  13. The Bat Flippers – Flipping bats and flipping the game.
  14. Home Run Hilarity – Making every home run a comedy show.
  15. The Whiffle Wigglers – Distracting opponents with their moves.
  16. Pitch Perfect Pranksters – Pranking opponents with perfect pitches.
  17. The Ballpark Buffs – Always ready with ballpark trivia and jokes.
  18. The Swing Shifters – Shifting strategies with every swing.
  19. The Hit Squad Hilarities – Hitting the ball and hitting funny bones.
  20. Wiffle Ball Whiz Kids – Youngsters dominating the wiffle ball scene.
  21. The Curveball Connoisseurs – Savoring every curveball thrown.
  22. Batting Banter Brigade – Banter masters while at bat.
  23. The Home Run Humorists – Adding humor to every home run.
  24. The Foul Ball Frenzies – Creating chaos even on fouls.
  25. Wiffle Ball Wizards – Spellbinding skills on the wiffle field.
  26. The Wiffle Ball Whackers – Known for powerful wiffle ball hits.
  27. Batter’s Box Buffoons – Entertainment begins in the batter’s box.
  28. The Swingin’ Sillies – Silly yet skilled at swinging the bat.
  29. The Hilarious Home Runners – Making homers a comedy show.
  30. Whiffle Ball Whackers – Always whacking those wiffle balls hard.
  31. The Batting Box Buffoons – Comic relief at the batting box.
  32. Pitch Perfect Puns – Mastering both pitches and puns.
  33. The Hilarious Hit Squad – Making hits while cracking jokes.
  34. The Dinger Dealers – Dealing in dingers, their specialty.
  35. Wiffle Ball Wizards – Masters of wiffle ball sorcery.
  36. The Curveball Comedians – Joking even in the midst of curveballs.
  37. Batting Banter Battalion – Bantering their way through batting.
  38. The Foul Ball Fanatics – Enthusiastic even on fouls.
  39. Whiffle Ball Wits – Using wit to win wiffle ball games.
  40. Home Run Humor Heroes – Heroes of humor on home runs.
  41. The Foul Ball Fanatics – Celebrating fouls with enthusiasm.
  42. Curveball Comedy Crew – Comedy is their curveball tactic.
  43. The Home Run Hilarity Squad – Spreading laughter on home runs.
  44. Wiffle Ball Whiz Kids – Young but incredibly skilled wiffle players.
  45. The Dinger Dynasty – Ruling the game with their dingers.
  46. Curveball Comedy Club – Comedy show while throwing curveballs.
  47. Batting Box Banterers – Bantering masters in the batting box.
  48. The Foul Ball Funnybones – Joking even on fouls.
  49. Whiffle Ball Wunderkinds – Wunderkinds mastering wiffle ball.
  50. Home Run Humor House – Where every home run is a laugh riot.
  51. The Dinger Daredevils – Fearless in hitting those dingers.
  52. Curveball Comedy Connoisseurs – Connoisseurs of curveball humor.
  53. The Home Run Hilarity Heroes – Heroes of hilarious home runs.
  54. Wiffle Ball Wits – Wits and skills combined in wiffle ball.
  55. The Dinger Dazzlers – Dazzling everyone with their dingers.
  56. Curveball Comedy Clan – A comedic clan amidst curveballs.
  57. The Batting Box Buffoons – Buffoonery in the batting box.
  58. The Home Run Humorists – Making every homer a funny affair.
  59. Wiffle Ball Whiz Kids – Kids excelling in wiffle ball expertise.
  60. The Dinger Dream Team – Dreaming of dingers and achieving them.
  61. Curveball Comedy Crew – The crew that laughs amidst curveballs.
  62. The Batting Banter Bunch – Bantering bunch in the batting box.
  63. Home Run Humor Heroes – Heroes of humor-filled home runs.
  64. The Dinger Dynasty – Dominating with their dinger hits.
  65. Curveball Comedy Club – Hosting comedy shows with curveballs.
  66. The Batting Box Banterers – Experts in banter at the batter’s box.
  67. Home Run Humor House – Where home runs are filled with laughter.
  68. The Dinger Daredevils – Fearless in their pursuit of dingers.
  69. Curveball Comedy Connoisseurs – Masters of curveball comedy.
  70. The Home Run Hilarity Heroes – Heroes of hilariously epic homers.

Each name is designed to infuse humor and fun into the wiffle ball game, adding an extra element of entertainment to your team’s presence on the field!

Funny Wiffle Ball Team Name Suggestions

  1. The Wiffle Wonders
  2. Bat-tlefield Banter
  3. The Curveball Comics
  4. Wiffle Wisecrackers
  5. The Ballpark Buffoons
  6. Dinger Delights
  7. The Whiffle Wits
  8. Batting Box Bloopers
  9. The Foul Ball Funnies
  10. Curveball Clowns
  11. The Wiffle Whackers
  12. Bat Banter Brigade
  13. The Home Run Hilarity
  14. Dinger Diplomats
  15. Whiffle Wizards of Wit
  16. The Batters’ Banter
  17. Wiffleball Shenanigans
  18. Batting Box Banter
  19. The Curveball Crusaders
  20. Foul Ball Facetiousness
  21. Wiffle Warriors of Wit
  22. The Batting Box Bunch
  23. The Home Run Humorists
  24. Dinger Dazzle Crew
  25. Whiffle Wit Warriors
  26. The Banter Batters
  27. Curveball Comedy Crew
  28. Wiffleball Wiseguys
  29. The Batting Box Buffoons
  30. The Hilarious Hit Squad
  31. Dinger Dynasty
  32. Wiffleball Whimsy
  33. The Banter Ballers
  34. Curveball Comedy Clan
  35. Home Run Hilarity Heroes
  36. The Whiffleball Wags
  37. Batting Box Bonanza
  38. The Foul Ball Funnymakers
  39. Wiffleball Whack Pack
  40. Banter at Bat
  41. Curveball Comedy Collective
  42. The Home Run Hilarity
  43. Wiffleball Whimsical Wonders
  44. The Banter Brigade
  45. Dinger Drollery
  46. Wiffleball Wits & Wags
  47. The Batting Box Jesters
  48. Curveball Comedic Crew
  49. The Hilarious Home Runners
  50. Whiffleball Whimsy Wizards

Feel free to pick any of these funny wiffle ball team names they’re designed to add a dash of humor and character to your wiffle ball team!

Hilarious Wiffle Ball Team Names

  1. The Curveball Chucklers
  2. Wiffle Gigglers United
  3. Bat-tlefield Buffoons
  4. The Dinger Dodos
  5. Whiffleball Wackos
  6. The Bat Banter Bunch
  7. The Home Run Hysterics
  8. Wifflemania Wits
  9. The Foul Ball Fanatics
  10. The Dinger Ding-Dongs
  11. The Wiffle Ball Bloopers
  12. Batting Box Banterers
  13. The Hilarious Hitmen
  14. Curveball Crackups
  15. Whiffle Wizards of Whimsy
  16. The Batters’ Belly Laughs
  17. The Ballpark Buffoonery
  18. Dinger Daredevils
  19. Wiffleball Whoopee Warriors
  20. The Banter Brigade
  21. The Laughing Lineup
  22. Bat Banter Bonanza
  23. The Home Run Hilarity Squad
  24. Wiffleball Wackiness
  25. The Banter Backswings
  26. Curveball Clown Caravan
  27. The Giggle Gang at Bat
  28. The Hilarious Homer Hitters
  29. Wiffleball Whimsy Whackers
  30. The Bat Banter Bashers
  31. The Curveball Comedy Crew
  32. Whiffleball Whackjobbers
  33. The Laughing Lumberjacks
  34. Banter Ballers Brigade
  35. The Wacky Wiffle Warriors
  36. The Home Run Hilarity Heroes
  37. Dinger Dudes & Dudettes
  38. Wiffleball Whoopee Cushions
  39. The Bat Banter Bandits
  40. Curveball Comedy Connoisseurs
  41. The Hilarious Homer Hitters
  42. Wiffleball Whizbangs
  43. The Banter Backyarders
  44. The Laughing Lineup Legends
  45. Batting Box Bellylaughs
  46. Curveball Comedy Circus
  47. Whiffleball Wits and Wags
  48. The Dinger Dazzle Brigade
  49. Wiffleball Whoopee Wielders
  50. The Banter Batter Bunch

These funny wiffle ball team names aim to bring out the fun and lightheartedness in your wiffle ball team, adding a touch of humor to the game!

Funny Wiffle Ball Team Name Ideas

  1. Bat-tlefield Banterers
  2. The Curveball Chucklers
  3. Wiffle Wizards of Wit
  4. Dinger Dorks United
  5. The Foul Ball Funnymakers
  6. Whiffleball Whizbangs
  7. Batting Box Buffoons
  8. The Home Run Hilarity Squad
  9. Wiffleball Whoopee Warriors
  10. Banter Ballers Club
  11. The Dinger Dazzlers
  12. Curveball Comedy Kings
  13. The Laughing Lineup Legends
  14. Bat Banter Bonanza
  15. The Hit ‘n Giggle Gang
  16. Wiffleball Whimsy Wizards
  17. The Batters’ Belly Laughs
  18. The Ballpark Buffoons
  19. Dinger Delight Crew
  20. The Banter Backyarders
  21. The Homerun Humorists
  22. Whiffleball Whackjobbers
  23. Curveball Comedy Connoisseurs
  24. The Banter Bash Brigade
  25. Batting Box Banter Bandits
  26. The Hilarious Hit Squad
  27. Wiffleball Wits and Wags
  28. The Jokester Jockeys
  29. Dinger Dynasty Dudes
  30. The Banter Bouncebacks
  31. The Hilarious Homer Hitters
  32. Wiffleball Whoopee Whackers
  33. The Curveball Clown Crew
  34. The Laughing Lineup Luminaries
  35. Batting Banter Battalion
  36. The Home Run Hilarity Heroes
  37. Whiffleball Wonders of Wit
  38. The Banter Box Blasters
  39. Curveball Comedy Commanders
  40. Dinger Dudes and Dudettes
  41. The Laugh Riot Lineup
  42. Wiffleball Whiz Brigade
  43. The Banter Ballpark Bandits
  44. The Home Run Humor Hounds
  45. Bat Banter Buffet
  46. Curveball Comedy Crusaders
  47. Whiffleball Whimsy Wizards
  48. The Dinger Dazzle Crew
  49. Banter Box Ballers
  50. The Laughing Lineup Legends

May your team find the perfect name that reflects your fun-loving spirit on the wiffle ball field!

Funny Names for Wiffle Ball Teams

  1. The Bat-tlefield Banterers
  2. Dinger Dodgers and Divas
  3. Curveball Comedy Crew
  4. Whiffleball Wizards of Wit
  5. The Foul Ball Funnymen
  6. Batter Banter Brigade
  7. The Hilarious Homerunners
  8. Wiffleball Whoopee Warriors
  9. Banter Ball Bunch
  10. The Dinger Dazzle Squad
  11. Bat Banter Bonanza
  12. The Laughing Lineup
  13. Home Run Humor Heroes
  14. Wiffleball Whizbang Wizards
  15. The Banter Backyarders
  16. Dinger Delight Crew
  17. Curveball Comics Collective
  18. Banter Box Battalion
  19. The Homerun Hilarity Squad
  20. Whiffleball Whiz-kids
  21. The Banter Blasters
  22. Batting Box Buffoons
  23. Dinger Dynasty Dudes
  24. The Jocular Jockeys
  25. Wiffleball Whoopee Whackers
  26. The Banter Bouncebacks
  27. Curveball Comedy Kings
  28. Homerun Humor Hounds
  29. Wiffleball Wits and Wags
  30. The Laugh Riot Lineup
  31. Bat Banter Bashers
  32. The Dinger Dazzle Crew
  33. Banter Ballpark Bandits
  34. The Homerun Hilarity Heroes
  35. Whiffleball Whimsy Wielders
  36. The Banter Box Blasters
  37. Curveball Comedy Commandos
  38. The Laughing Lineup Legends
  39. Wiffleball Whiz Brigade
  40. The Banter Ballpark Buffs
  41. Dinger Dynasty Divas
  42. Bat Banter Buffet
  43. Curveball Comedy Crusaders
  44. Whiffleball Wackiness Warriors
  45. The Banter Ballers Club
  46. The Laughing Lineup Luminaries
  47. Wiffleball Whizbang Bandits
  48. The Dinger Dazzle Dynamites
  49. Banter Ballpark Bashers
  50. The Homerun Humor Heads

Enjoy your wiffle ball games with a touch of humor and fun from these funny wiffle ball team names!


Remember, the goal of a wiffle ball team name is to bring a smile to everyone’s face. So, gather your teammates, brainstorm, and choose funny wiffle ball team names that reflects your team’s playful spirit. After all, laughter is the best game-winning strategy!


How can a team name make our game more enjoyable?

A funny team name creates a lighthearted atmosphere and adds to the overall enjoyment of the game. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter!

Can a good team name boost team spirit?

Absolutely! A catchy name can foster team unity, boost morale, and make the game even more entertaining.

How important is it to have a unique team name?

A unique name can make your team stand out and be memorable among the sea of competitors.

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