Funny Tesla Names

Are you ready to roll into the world of Tesla with a twist? Well, buckle up because we’re diving into the realm of creative and funny tesla names for your beloved electric cars!

Tesla, known for its innovation and cutting-edge technology, also has a vibrant community that loves to add a touch of humor to their vehicles. Let’s rev up and explore this amusing side of Tesla naming!

500+ Funny Tesla Names (Awesome & Catchy Ideas)

  1. Elon’s Jest – A playful nod to Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, and the joy of owning a Tesla.
  2. Zapmobile – Reflecting the lightning-fast acceleration of Tesla cars.
  3. Watt-sonic – A blend of ‘watt’ and ‘sonic’ for a high-energy name.
  4. Electro-Magnet – Highlighting the magnetic appeal of Tesla cars.
  5. Spare Volt – A witty play on ‘spare part’ and ‘volt.’
  6. Tesla-nova – Inspired by the explosive power of a supernova.
  7. Flux Capacitor – A nod to the time-traveling device in ‘Back to the Future.’
  8. Eco-Flash – Emphasizing the eco-friendly nature and quickness of Teslas.
  9. Amperace – A mix of ‘ampere’ and ‘race’ for a speedy name.
  10. Joule Jester – Celebrating the energy unit ‘joule’ with a humorous twist.
  11. Electric Boogaloo – A playful reference to the ’80s movie sequel title.
  12. Thunder Volt – Evoking the sound and power of thunder.
  13. Watt’s Up? – A fun play on ‘What’s up?’ incorporating the unit of power.
  14. Charged Chuckle – Reflecting the laughter and energy in driving a Tesla.
  15. Voltswagen – A cheeky mix of ‘volt’ and ‘Volkswagen.’
  16. Mega-Watt Machine – Highlighting the immense power packed in a Tesla.
  17. Circuit Surfer – Embracing the electric circuitry and smooth ride.
  18. Ohm Nom Nom – A humorous take on the unit ‘ohm’ and the joy of driving.
  19. Electric Dreamscape – Representing the futuristic and dreamlike aspect of owning a Tesla.
  20. Amped-Up Cruiser – Referring to the increased excitement while cruising in a Tesla.
  21. Wired Whiz – Celebrating the intelligence and ‘wired’ connectivity of Teslas.
  22. Ohm’s Lawman – A witty nod to the scientific principle ‘Ohm’s Law.’
  23. Energizer Blitz – Channeling the enduring energy and speed of a Tesla.
  24. Jolt-mobile – Emphasizing the sudden surge and excitement of driving.
  25. Bolt Lightning – Inspired by the swift and electrifying lightning bolts.
  26. Kilowatt Komrade – A playful nod to the unit ‘kilowatt’ and camaraderie.
  27. Electro Glide – Reflecting the smooth and effortless movement of a Tesla.
  28. Plugged-In Punch – Describing the powerful impact of a Tesla.
  29. Witty Watts – Celebrating the ‘witty’ side of electrical units.
  30. Power Surge Pod – Embracing the energetic surge in a Tesla ride.
  31. Zippy Zapster – Highlighting the zippy and zesty nature of Tesla cars.
  32. Current Crusader – A nod to the electrical ‘current’ and a crusader-like spirit.
  33. Mega-Voltage Marvel – Describing the marvelously high voltage of Tesla cars.
  34. ElectroGiggle – A mix of ‘electro’ and ‘giggle,’ capturing the joy of driving.
  35. Quirky Current – Emphasizing the unique and electric ‘current’ of a Tesla.
  36. Witty Sparkmobile – Celebrating the wit and spark of Tesla cars.
  37. Ampere Amigo – A friendly name inspired by the unit of electrical current.
  38. Voltastic Voyage – Describing the fantastic journey in a Tesla.
  39. Magnetic Mirth – Embracing the magnetic appeal and joyful nature.
  40. Ohm’s Odyssey – A play on ‘odyssey’ with a nod to Ohm’s Law.
  41. Joule Juggernaut – Celebrating the powerful force behind a Tesla.
  42. Zestful Zipper – Reflecting the zest and speediness of Tesla cars.
  43. Wattage Wonder – Highlighting the wondrous power of a Tesla.
  44. Electro-Exuberance – Embracing the exuberant energy of Tesla vehicles.
  45. Giga-Gigglemobile – Referring to the ‘giggle’ factor in driving a Tesla.
  46. Jolt Jester – Celebrating the joltingly fun experience of driving.
  47. Vibrant Voltage – Describing the vibrant and dynamic voltage in Teslas.
  48. Tesla Tickler – A playful name evoking the delight in driving a Tesla.
  49. Amperage Adventure – Celebrating the adventurous spirit of Tesla rides.
  50. Mega-Watt Maverick – Highlighting the maverick-like energy and power of Tesla cars.

Feel free to pick your favorite from this list or use them as inspiration to come up with your very own humorous and unique name for your Tesla!

Funny Tesla Name Suggestions

  1. Boltie McVoltface
  2. Electra-Laughs
  3. Watt’s So Funny?
  4. Jouleful Ride
  5. Zippy Zapper
  6. The Teslafunnian
  7. Amperage Amusement
  8. Current Chuckle
  9. The Electric Giggle
  10. Watt’s Up Chuckles
  11. Ohm Nom Nom
  12. Tesla-tickles
  13. Zap-tastic Voyage
  14. The Jolting Joker
  15. Watt’s Buzzing?
  16. Amped-up Amigo
  17. Voltage Vibes
  18. The Electrifying Chuckle
  19. Witty Wattmobile
  20. Tesla Tickle-tron
  21. Joule Jester
  22. Ohm Sweet Ohm
  23. The Bolt Blitz
  24. Epic Electric Chuckles
  25. Watt-a-Hoot!
  26. Zap-happy Cruiser
  27. Amped Adventure
  28. The Electri-Cackle
  29. Joltacious Journey
  30. Witty Watts Wonder
  31. Current Comedian
  32. The Giggle Generator
  33. Watt’s So Electrifying?
  34. Bolted Banter
  35. Amperage Anecdotes
  36. Tesla Titter-tron
  37. Electro-Giggles Galore
  38. Jouleful Jester
  39. Zestful Zapper
  40. Ohm Sweet Ride
  41. The Sparky Chuckler
  42. Amped-up Antics
  43. Witty Watt Wanderer
  44. Zap-happy Zest
  45. Electricity Euphoria
  46. Voltacious Voyage
  47. The Mega-Watt Mirth
  48. Joule Jamboree
  49. Buzzing Bolt
  50. Witty Watt Whiz

Feel free to choose any that resonate with your sense of humor or use these as a starting point to create your own unique and funny name for your Tesla!

Hilarious Tesla Names

  1. Teslacoaster
  2. Electro-Boogie
  3. Watt’s Poppin’?
  4. Zapster
  5. Jouleful Jive
  6. Ohm Sweet Ride
  7. The Amped-up Chuckler
  8. Volt Voyage
  9. Zap-tastic Zephyr
  10. Current Carnival
  11. Watt’s Cookin’?
  12. The Electri-Circus
  13. Amped Amusement
  14. Tesla-rrific Laughs
  15. The Sparky Showtime
  16. Bolt Blitz Bash
  17. Joule Jamboree
  18. Elec-Topia
  19. Zestful Zapper
  20. Watt-a-Ride!
  21. Electro-Extravaganza
  22. Tesla Ticklefest
  23. Jolt Jambalaya
  24. Ohm Sweet Symphony
  25. Zap Zest
  26. The Mega-Watt Merriment
  27. Watt’s Up, Doc?
  28. The Electri-Comedy Club
  29. Voltage Vaudeville
  30. Electro-Fiesta Frenzy
  31. Jouleful Jester
  32. Witty Watt Whirl
  33. Zap-py Hour
  34. The Electrifying Extravaganza
  35. Watt-a-licious Wonders
  36. Tesla Tickle Time
  37. Shockwave Shenanigans
  38. Electro-Bliss Bonanza
  39. Joule Jive Party
  40. Amped-up Antics
  41. Watt’s So Funny About Tesla?
  42. The Giggle Generator
  43. Current Carnival
  44. Tesla Tickle Machine
  45. Jouleful Journey
  46. Zap-o-rama
  47. The Electri-Spectacle
  48. Watt’s Your Game?
  49. Tesla Tickle-tastic
  50. Voltage Verve

Have a blast choosing funny tesla names that perfectly captures the fun and spirited essence of your Tesla!

Funny Tesla Name Ideas

  1. Watt’s So Funny?
  2. Zapsterific
  3. Joule Juggler
  4. Tesla-tickler
  5. Amped Amigo
  6. Ohm Nom Nom
  7. Current Chuckle
  8. The Electric Giggler
  9. Voltacular
  10. Watt’s Buzzing?
  11. Energiggle
  12. Zappy-go-lucky
  13. Ohm Sweet Ride
  14. The Bolt Banter
  15. Joule Jester
  16. Witty Wattmobile
  17. Amp-tastic
  18. Zap-happy Cruiser
  19. Current Comedian
  20. The Giggle Generator

Feel free to spark inspiration from these suggestions or mix and match to create uniquely funny names for your Tesla that suits your style!

Funny Names for Tesla

  1. Voltswagen
  2. Wattson Witty
  3. Amped-Up Al
  4. Electro-Whiz
  5. Tesla-laughter
  6. Ohm Sweet Ohm
  7. Joule Jamboree
  8. Zap-tastic
  9. Amparazzi
  10. Watt’s Up, Wheels?
  11. Giggle-Mobile
  12. Electro-Laughs
  13. Zippy Zapper
  14. Watt’s So Funny?
  15. Jolt Jester
  16. Amperage Amigo
  17. Tesla-tickler
  18. Zap-Happy Cruiser
  19. Watt’s Poppin’?
  20. The Joule Jaunt
  21. Electric Elation
  22. Ohm-mazing Ride
  23. Zestful Zapper
  24. Witty Wattmobile
  25. The Volt Voyage
  26. Amped Antics
  27. Sparky Chuckles
  28. Jouleful Jive
  29. Electro-Whimsy
  30. Zap-erific
  31. Watt-a-Hoot!
  32. Current Comedy
  33. Joule Juggler
  34. Bolt Banter
  35. Amped Adventures
  36. The Electri-Craze
  37. Zap-Hilarity
  38. Watt’s Your Pleasure?
  39. Tesla Tickle-tron
  40. Elec-trickster
  41. Jouleful Journey
  42. Wattage Wonderland
  43. Zap-tivating Ride
  44. Amped Allegro
  45. Ohm-mazing Odyssey
  46. Electric Euphoria
  47. Watt’s Up Chuckles
  48. Tesla Tickle-fest
  49. Joule Joviality
  50. Zap-o-rama

Hope these funny tesla names spark some joy and inspiration for the perfect, humorous name for your Tesla!


Naming your Tesla isn’t just about giving it a label; it’s about adding a dash of personality and fun to your driving experience. From witty wordplay to clever references, the world of funny Tesla names is vast and entertaining.

So, get creative, give your Tesla an amusing identity, and let the laughter drive alongside the innovation!

As you embark on this naming adventure, remember, it’s all about embracing the lighter side of technology and infusing a bit of joy into your electric ride!


Can I change my Tesla’s name?

Absolutely! Tesla allows you to personalize your car’s name through the Tesla app. Just navigate to the car’s settings, select ‘Name,’ and let your creativity flow.

Will changing my Tesla’s name affect its performance?

Not at all! Renaming your Tesla won’t impact its performance or functionality. It’s purely for fun and personalization.

Are there any restrictions on naming my Tesla?

Tesla encourages creativity but suggests avoiding offensive or inappropriate names. Otherwise, the naming possibilities are limitless!

Can I share my Tesla’s name with others?

Of course! Many Tesla owners proudly display their car’s name on social media, forums, or car meets. It’s a great conversation starter among fellow Tesla enthusiasts.

Any tips for choosing a funny name for my Tesla?

Let your imagination run wild! Think about puns, wordplay, or references that resonate with you. Consider your car’s color, personality, or unique features for inspiration.

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