Funny Tattoo Shop Names

When it comes to tattoo shops, a catchy and witty name can be the ink that sets you apart. Choosing humorous and funny tattoo shop names not only draws attention but also reflects the vibe and personality of your studio.

Here are some creative and funny tattoo shop names that might just leave an indelible mark on your mind.

500+ Funny Tattoo Shop Names (Awesome & Catchy Ideas)

  1. Ink-credible Chuckles – Reflects both incredible artistry and a sense of humor.
  2. Puns ‘n’ Needles – A play on “pins and needles,” blending wordplay with tattooing.
  3. Whimsy Ink Spot – Invokes a sense of whimsical creativity within the tattoo space.
  4. The Ticklish Tattoo Co. – Suggests a fun tattooing experience.
  5. Witty Skinworks – Promises clever and witty designs inked onto the skin.
  6. Inkognito Laughter Lounge – Combining “incognito” with humor, implying a hidden gem for laughs and ink.
  7. Cheeky Charm Ink House – Offers playful and charming tattoo designs and experiences.
  8. Quirky Quill Studios – Embraces quirkiness and artistic expertise.
  9. Comic Ink Fusion – Fusing comics with tattoos for a vibrant and unique experience.
  10. Doodle Dazzle Inkery – Emphasizes doodles turned into stunning tattoo art.
  11. Laugh Lines Tattoo Parlor – Celebrates laughter and artistry through tattooing.
  12. Ink Blot Comedy Studio – Playing with the concept of inkblots while incorporating comedy.
  13. Chuckling Canvas – Implies the skin as a canvas for amusing and artistic designs.
  14. Wit & Whimsy Tattoo Shack – Combines wit and playful creativity in tattooing.
  15. Mirthful Markers Studio – Embraces markers (tattoo machines) with a playful touch.
  16. Tattoo Tickle Box – Promises a comfortable and enjoyable tattoo experience.
  17. Amuse-Ink Parlor – A blend of amusement and ink, offering entertaining designs.
  18. Giggle Glyphs Studio – Focuses on creating laughter through symbolic tattoos.
  19. Tickle-My-Tats Spot – A lighthearted invitation for tattooing fun and laughter.
  20. Witty Whisker Inkscape – A play on words, combining wit with artistic creation.
  21. Ink & Giggle Factory – A place where ink meets laughter, producing joyful designs.
  22. Jovial Jaunts Tattoo Emporium – Emphasizes joy and fun-filled journeys in tattooing.
  23. Chuckling Cherubs Ink – Bringing laughter to angelic tattoo designs and artistry.
  24. Wit Ink Scribes – Skilled tattoo artists with a knack for witty designs.
  25. Tattoo Tease Gallery – Playfully teasing with artistic tattoo designs.
  26. Whimsicality Inksmiths – Crafting whimsical designs with artistic expertise.
  27. Laughing Lotus Tattoo Parlor – Combining laughter and beauty in tattoo artistry.
  28. Ink-a-Rama Comedy Cove – A mix of ink and a space filled with laughter.
  29. Chuckling Chameleon Ink – Reflecting humor in adaptable and versatile tattoo designs.
  30. Witty Whisker Workshop – A workshop for witty and creative tattoo designs.
  31. Comic Relief Tattoo Lounge – Providing relief through comic-inspired tattoos.
  32. Ink Jesters Studio – Where jesters bring laughter to tattoo artistry.
  33. Giggle Gallery Ink Spot – Showcasing a gallery of amusing tattoo designs.
  34. Whimsy & Winks Tattoo Haven – Offers whimsical designs with a wink of humor.
  35. Tattoo Tickle Junction – A place where tattoos and laughter intersect.
  36. Witty Ink Brushstrokes – Artistic brushstrokes with a touch of humor.
  37. Amuse-Ink Artistry – Creating amusing art through tattooing.
  38. Jolly Jester Inkworks – Where jesters create joyful and amusing tattoos.
  39. Ink Blot Jestery – Adding humor to ink with playful designs.
  40. GiggleGlyph Ink Emporium – Featuring humorous and symbolic tattoos.
  41. Whimsy Whisker Tattoo Parlor – A playful take on tattooing with artistic prowess.
  42. Tattoo Tickle Twist – Promises a twist of fun in every tattoo experience.
  43. Witty Ink Visions – Creating witty and imaginative tattoo designs.
  44. Comic Relief Inkery – Offering comic relief through stunning tattoos.
  45. Jestful Artisan Tattoos – Artisans creating joyful and humorous tattoo designs.
  46. Ink ‘n’ Chuckles Atelier – Producing both ink and laughter in artistry.
  47. Whimsy Whisk Tattoo Co. – Blending whimsy and artistry into tattoos.
  48. Tattoo Tickle Creations – Creating tattoo designs that tickle the funny bone.
  49. Amuse-Ink Expression – Expressive and amusing tattoos for all.
  50. Laughing Lines Ink Haven – Emphasizing laughter in intricate tattoo lines.
  51. Witty Whisker Artistry – Artistic and witty tattoo designs for everyone.
  52. Jocular Jag Tattoo Lounge – A lounge filled with jovial tattoo artistry.
  53. Inkwell Guffaw Gallery – A gallery showcasing inked guffaws and laughter.
  54. Whimsical Ink Asylum – A playful asylum for whimsical tattoo designs.
  55. Tattoo Tickle Treasures – Creating treasures of laughter through tattoos.
  56. Amuse-Ink Art Spot – Where art and amusement converge in tattoos.
  57. Grin & Ink Parlor – A parlor dedicated to grins and artistic ink.
  58. Jovial Jot Tattoos – Jotting down joyous and humorous designs.
  59. Wit & Whimsy Tattoo Nook – Offering witty and whimsical tattoo creations.
  60. LaughCraft Tattoo Studio – Crafting laughter through exceptional tattoos.
  61. Chuckle Canvas Creations – Transforming the canvas with chuckle-inducing art.
  62. InkScape Giggle Studio – A studio creating laughter in tattooed scapes.
  63. Witty Whisker Tattoo Trove – A trove filled with witty and artistic tattoos.
  64. Jovial Java Inkery – Sipping on joy while getting inked with humor.
  65. Comic Relief Art Haven – Offering relief through comic-inspired tattoo art.
  66. Ink & Chuckle Artistry – An artistic space filled with ink and laughter.
  67. WitWhisk Tattoo Atelier – An atelier crafting witty and whiskered designs.
  68. Laughing Lines Ink Spot – Specializing in laughter-filled tattoo lines.
  69. Jocular Ink Junction – A junction where joviality meets artistic ink.
  70. Whimsy Whisker Ink Lounge – A whimsical lounge with witty tattoo artistry.

Each name is crafted to reflect a blend of humor and creativity, ensuring that clients not only get a remarkable tattoo but also enjoy the experience with a smile.

Funny Tattoo Shop Name Suggestions

  1. Ink-credible Chuckles
  2. Punny Skin Art
  3. Whimsy Inkworks
  4. Ticklish Tattoo Co.
  5. Witty Ink Haven
  6. Inkognito Laughs
  7. Cheeky Charm Tattoo Lounge
  8. Quirky Quill Inkery
  9. Comic Relief Tattoos
  10. Doodle Dazzle Ink
  11. Laugh Lines Studio
  12. Ink Blot Comedy Club
  13. Chuckle Canvas Ink
  14. Wit & Whimsy Tattoos
  15. Mirthful Markers Studio
  16. Tattoo Tickle Box
  17. Amuse-Ink Parlor
  18. Giggle Glyphs Tattoo
  19. Witty Whisker Inkspot
  20. Ink & Giggle Gallery
  21. Jovial Jaunts Tattoos
  22. Chuckling Cherubs Ink
  23. Wit Ink Scribes
  24. Tattoo Tease Studio
  25. Whimsicality Inksmiths
  26. Laughing Lotus Ink
  27. Ink-a-Rama Comedy Cove
  28. Chuckling Chameleon Tattoos
  29. Witty Whisker Workshop
  30. Comic Relief Tattoo Lounge
  31. Ink Jesters Studio
  32. Giggle Gallery Ink
  33. Whimsy & Winks Tattoos
  34. Tattoo Tickle Junction
  35. Witty Ink Brushstrokes
  36. Amuse-Ink Artistry
  37. Jolly Jester Inkworks
  38. Ink Blot Jestery
  39. GiggleGlyph Ink Emporium
  40. Whimsy Whisker Tattoos
  41. Tattoo Tickle Twist
  42. Witty Ink Visions
  43. Comic Relief Inkery
  44. Jestful Artisan Tattoos
  45. Ink ‘n’ Chuckles Atelier
  46. Whimsy Whisk Tattoo Co.
  47. Tattoo Tickle Creations
  48. Amuse-Ink Expression
  49. Laughing Lines Ink Haven
  50. Witty Whisker Artistry

Each name combines humor with the artistry of tattooing to create a memorable and engaging experience for customers.

Hilarious Tattoo Shop Names

  1. Ink-credible Laughs
  2. Laugh and Ink
  3. Whimsy & Wicked Tattoos
  4. Chuckle Ink Studios
  5. Punny Skin Creations
  6. Comic Relief Ink House
  7. Quirky Quill Tattoo Co.
  8. Witty Whisker Ink Emporium
  9. Ticklish Tattoo Haven
  10. Giggle Gallery Tattoos
  11. Doodle Daze Inkery
  12. Ink-blots & Chuckles
  13. Cheeky Charm Tattoo Parlor
  14. Jovial Ink Junction
  15. Chuckling Canvas Studio
  16. Amuse-Ink Atelier
  17. Mirthful Markers Ink Spot
  18. Whimsical Whisker Tattoos
  19. Ink-magination Comedy Cove
  20. Witty Skin Sketches
  21. Laugh Lines Ink Studio
  22. Comic Ink Fusion
  23. Ink-tastic Chuckles
  24. Jocular Jot Tattoos
  25. Giggly Glyphs Ink
  26. Chuckle Craft Tattoos
  27. Witty Whisker Art Hub
  28. Ink Rapture & Riddles
  29. Puns ‘n’ Needles Parlor
  30. Tickle Tattoo Spot
  31. Whimsy Whisker Artistry
  32. Ink-credibly Funny Studio
  33. Guffaw Gallery Ink
  34. Quirky Ink Quarters
  35. Chuckle Creations Tattoo
  36. Laughing Lotus Inkery
  37. Witty Whisker Ink Den
  38. Comic Relief Canvas
  39. Ink-telligence Comedy Club
  40. Chuckle Charm Ink Lab
  41. Giggles & Graphs Studio
  42. Whimsy Ink Wonderland
  43. Mirthful Markings
  44. Chuckle & Charm Tattoo Lounge
  45. Witty Whisker Ink Works
  46. Inked Innuendos
  47. Jovial Ink Impressions
  48. Laughable Lines Tattoos
  49. Quirky Quips Inkery
  50. Chuckle Factory Tattoos

These funny tattoo shop names aim to bring laughter and amusement to the tattooing experience, ensuring a memorable and lighthearted atmosphere for customers.

Funny Tattoo Shop Name Ideas

  1. Ink-tertainment Central
  2. Giggle Needle Studio
  3. Chuckle & Charm Tattoos
  4. Whimsy Ink Avenue
  5. Laugh Lab Tattoo Co.
  6. Punny Palette Ink
  7. Quirky Quill Creations
  8. Witty Whisker Art Ink
  9. Jovial Markers Studio
  10. Comic Relief Ink Spot
  11. Inkling of Humor Tattoos
  12. Doodle Delights Inkery
  13. Cheeky Canvas Artistry
  14. Chuckling Charm Tattoo Parlor
  15. Laugh Lines Ink Studio
  16. Ink & Amusement Atelier
  17. Whimsical Whisker Ink
  18. Ink-credible Chuckles Hub
  19. Giggle Glyphs Studio
  20. Jocular Ink Junction
  21. Witty Skin Artistry
  22. Puns ‘n’ Ink Needles
  23. Whimsy Whisker Tattoos
  24. Chucklecraft Ink Lab
  25. Ink-spired Laughter Spot
  26. Mirthful Markings Studio
  27. Comic Canvas Creations
  28. Amuse-Ink Gallery
  29. Quirky Quips Tattoo Haven
  30. Chuckle Canvas Ink Spot
  31. Laughing Lotus Tattoo Lounge
  32. Witty Whisker Art Den
  33. Ink-satiable Chuckles
  34. Giggly Graphics Ink
  35. Quirk & Quill Inkworks
  36. Chuckle & Charm Artistry
  37. Humorous Ink Haven
  38. Whimsy Whisk Tattoo Studio
  39. Witty Skin Sketches
  40. Ink-tastic Chuckles Co.
  41. Guffaw Gallery Tattoos
  42. Quirky Quill & Needle
  43. Chuckle Charm Ink Lab
  44. Whimsical Ink Wonders
  45. LaughLines Tattoo Parlor
  46. Jovial Ink Impressions
  47. Witty Whisker Ink Factory
  48. Inked Impressions Hub
  49. Chucklecraft Art Spot
  50. Ink & Giggle Artistry

These funny tattoo shop names aim to infuse humor and creativity into the tattoo shop’s identity, promising a fun experience for customers.

Funny Names for Tattoo Shops

  1. Ink-tertainment Emporium
  2. Giggle Ink Gallery
  3. Chuckle Canvas Creations
  4. Whimsy Markings Studio
  5. Laugh Lab Tattoo Co.
  6. Punny Palette Inkworks
  7. Quirky Quill Tattoo Parlor
  8. Witty Whisker Artistry
  9. Jovial Ink Spot
  10. Comic Relief Tattoos
  11. Inkling of Humor Studio
  12. Doodle Delights Inkery
  13. Cheeky Charm Tattoos
  14. Chuckling Canvas Ink
  15. Laugh Lines Art Studio
  16. Ink & Amusement Atelier
  17. Whimsical Whisker Ink
  18. Ink-credible Chuckles
  19. Giggle Glyphs Tattoo Studio
  20. Jocular Ink Haven
  21. Witty Skin Artistry
  22. Puns ‘n’ Needles Studio
  23. Whimsy Whisk Tattoo Lounge
  24. Chucklecraft Ink Lab
  25. Ink-spired Laughter Parlor
  26. Mirthful Markings Studio
  27. Comic Canvas Ink
  28. Amuse-Ink Art Gallery
  29. Quirky Quips Tattoo Hub
  30. Chuckle Canvas Ink Spot
  31. Laughing Lotus Tattoo Lounge
  32. Witty Whisker Art Den
  33. Ink-satiable Chuckles
  34. Giggly Graphics Inkworks
  35. Quirk & Quill Ink Studio
  36. Chuckle & Charm Artistry
  37. Humorous Ink Spot
  38. Whimsy Whisk Tattoo Studio
  39. Witty Skin Sketches
  40. Ink-tastic Chuckles Co.
  41. Guffaw Gallery Tattoos
  42. Quirky Quill & Needle
  43. Chuckle Charm Ink Lab
  44. Whimsical Ink Wonders
  45. LaughLines Tattoo Parlor
  46. Jovial Ink Impressions
  47. Witty Whisker Ink Factory
  48. Inked Impressions Hub
  49. Chucklecraft Art Spot
  50. Ink & Giggle Artistry

These funny tattoo shop names blend humor and creativity, making the tattoo shop experience fun and memorable for customers.


Choosing funny tattoo shop names is a creative journey that can leave a lasting impression on your clientele. Balancing humor with professionalism can set the stage for an enjoyable and memorable tattoo experience.


How can a funny name benefit a tattoo shop?

A funny name can make your shop memorable and attract attention in a competitive market. It sets a friendly tone, inviting customers to experience the creativity and warmth of your studio.

Are there any considerations when choosing a funny name for a tattoo shop?

Yes, ensure the name aligns with your brand identity and resonates with your target audience. Avoid offensive or inappropriate humor that might alienate potential clients.

How can a funny name impact customer perception?

A clever and funny name can create a friendly and approachable image, signaling that your shop is creative, welcoming, and not intimidating for first-time clients.

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