Funny Parrot Names

Choosing funny parrot names for your feathered friend is an exciting part of welcoming a parrot into your life. Parrots are not only known for their vibrant colors and intelligence but also for their playful and quirky personalities.

To match their unique charm, here’s a comprehensive guide to funny parrot names to help you select the perfect moniker for your talkative companion.

500+ Funny Parrot Names (Unique & Cute Ideas)

  1. Sir Squawks-a-Lot: For the parrot who never seems to stop talking, always squawking up a storm.
  2. Feather McChatterbox: A name for the parrot that could win a chatterbox contest with its non-stop conversation.
  3. Polly Want a Crackerjack: Perfect for the parrot who’s always seeking a tasty treat and loves crackers.
  4. Captain Clawdacious: Ideal for the parrot with an impressive set of claws or a penchant for dramatic gestures.
  5. Tweetie Twirlytoes: A name for the parrot who loves to show off fancy footwork while perched.
  6. Chirp Vader: For the parrot that’s on the dark side… or just has an impressive, deep chirp.
  7. Sassy Beakerson: Reserved for the parrot with an attitude that shines through its beak.
  8. Cheeky Chatterbeak: Perfect for the parrot that always has a sassy or mischievous comment.
  9. Pepperoni Picasso: Suited for the parrot whose cage could double as an art studio with its colorful expressions.
  10. Squawkules: For the parrot that believes in flexing its squawking prowess like a Greek hero.
  11. Biscuit Babbler: Apt for the parrot whose chatter makes as much sense as talking about biscuits.
  12. Sir Fluffs-a-Lot: Reserved for the parrot whose feathers seem fluffier and more regal than the rest.
  13. Cocoa the Cackler: For the parrot whose laughter or squawk resembles the sound of cocoa being stirred.
  14. Jazzy Jibberjaw: Ideal for the parrot that bobs and weaves its head while chattering away.
  15. Feathered Funkmaster Flex: Perfect for the parrot that knows how to shake its feathers to any beat.
  16. Chatterbox Charlie: Always ready to start a conversation with anyone who’ll listen.
  17. Lady Waddlewings: Known for her elegant waddle when strutting around.
  18. Peanut the Peeper: Always keeping an eye out for mischief and treats.
  19. Babble Beaky: Talks in a constant, amusing stream of chirps and squawks.
  20. Twinkle Toes: Moves with grace and nimbleness, even on perches.
  21. Silly Squawkington: Known for his ridiculous, infectious laughter.
  22. Snappy Snacker: Devours treats with lightning-fast speed.
  23. Professor Preen: Always meticulously grooming those feathers to perfection.
  24. Disco Dancer: Busts out dance moves whenever music plays.
  25. Wise Whistler: Whistles tunes that seem almost philosophical.
  26. Giggles the Gabber: Can turn even the most serious situation into a comedic one.
  27. Flutterby Fritz: Flutters and glides around with an air of elegance.
  28. Jester Janglebeak: A born entertainer with an endless repertoire of sounds.
  29. Marble Mouth: Mixes up sounds in the most endearing, nonsensical way.
  30. Tango the Talkative: Known for his ability to keep a conversation going for hours.
  31. Captain Clucksworth: Makes chicken-like sounds, causing confusion and amusement.
  32. Whisperwing Willie: His chirps are so soft, you’d think he’s whispering secrets.
  33. Banter Beakerson: Can engage in banter as well as any human.
  34. Bongo Beaky: Makes rhythmic beats with his beak, often in sync with music.
  35. Waddle Watcher: Always observing everything with a curious eye.
  36. Serious Squeaker: Sounds so serious, even when saying the silliest things.
  37. Pirate Polly: Known for mimicking pirate phrases with uncanny accuracy.
  38. Rocket Rambler: Moves from perch to perch at an astonishing speed.
  39. Chucklefeather: His laughter is infectious and impossible to resist.
  40. Glimmering Glider: Seems to glide effortlessly around the room.
  41. Mimic Master Max: Can imitate voices and sounds flawlessly.
  42. Disco Diva: Busts out dance moves better than most humans.
  43. Whistling Wanda: Her tunes are so melodious, they soothe everyone around.
  44. Stompy the Stomper: Loves making loud, rhythmic sounds with every step.
  45. Riddle Riddleroo: Speaks in riddles or puzzles, delighting everyone.
  46. Velvet Vocals: Has the smoothest, most pleasant voice among parrots.
  47. Zoomer Zephyr: Flies around at high speeds, leaving a trail of feathers in his wake.
  48. Gossipy Gulliver: Always seems to have the latest news, albeit in parrot language.
  49. Crazy Cackler: Laughs maniacally at the most unexpected moments.
  50. Mystery Mumble: Utters mysterious, cryptic sounds that no one can decipher.

Hilarious Funny Parrot Names

These funny parrot names aim to bring a smile and add a touch of whimsy to your parrot’s persona!

  1. Feather von Tweetenstein
  2. Squawkie Balboa
  3. Pecky Blinders
  4. Chirp-ly Chaplin
  5. Captain Squawk Sparrow
  6. Feathered Fiasco
  7. Pablo Preen-casso
  8. Quacky Chan
  9. Chickpea Chewbacca
  10. Salsa Swoopington
  11. Tweetlejuice
  12. Parrot Hilton
  13. Chatterella
  14. Banter Batch
  15. Sir Chirps-a-Lot
  16. Chicka-Boom
  17. Peanut Butter Beak
  18. Tweetie Pie-eyed
  19. Chirpzilla
  20. Feathered Ferocity
  21. Tweeterbell
  22. Wing Commander Whimsy
  23. Sir Perch-a-Lot
  24. Feather McGee
  25. Silly Swoopington
  26. Squawkie Talkie
  27. Polly Punderful
  28. Chirpalicious
  29. Professor Peckington
  30. Captain Claw-some
  31. Chirp Vader
  32. Tango Twirls
  33. Feathered Funkster
  34. Sassy Squawksworth
  35. Polly-nator
  36. Pecky Bling
  37. Fluffy McFeathers
  38. Chirpington von Tweet
  39. Quirky Quackerson
  40. Squawkie McSquawkface
  41. Sir Featherstone
  42. Crazy Caw-caus
  43. Babble Breezy
  44. Wingman Wacko
  45. Chucklefeather
  46. Peanutty Peeper
  47. Chirpster Chief
  48. Plucky Pizzazz
  49. Waddle Wackiness
  50. Tiki Talker

Creative Funny Names for Talkative Parrots

These funny parrot names embrace the talkative nature of parrots, celebrating their ability to fill the air with lively conversations!

  1. Blabber Beaky
  2. Yakety Squawk
  3. Chatterbox Charlie
  4. Gabby Gulliver
  5. Rambler Ruffles
  6. Babble Baymax
  7. Jabber Jay
  8. Prattle Puff
  9. Chit-Chat Chief
  10. Gossip Gabby
  11. Chirp-Off Chatty
  12. Jibber Jabber Jay
  13. Yapper Yolanda
  14. Prattling Polly
  15. Gabble Goose
  16. Chirpster Chatter
  17. Blabbermouth Buddy
  18. Yakking Yvonne
  19. Prattler Parrot
  20. Chirp ‘n’ Chatter
  21. Ranty Roscoe
  22. Talks-A-Lot Tito
  23. Yammering Yasmine
  24. Babble Buff
  25. Chatty Cathy
  26. Gabble Gracie
  27. Ramble Raptor
  28. Chirp Master Chuck
  29. Garrulous George
  30. Yakity Yvander
  31. Babble Brigade
  32. Patter Pavo
  33. Convo Canary
  34. Garrulous Gabby
  35. Ramble Rider
  36. Chirpaholic Charlie
  37. Talkie Tina
  38. Yammering Yanni
  39. Babble Boss
  40. Chitchat Chief
  41. Gossip Galore
  42. Rattle-Beak Randy
  43. Yakety Yak Yara
  44. Babble Bandit
  45. Chirpy Chatterbox
  46. Vocal Vinnie
  47. Babble Bella
  48. Chatter King Kiki
  49. Yak-Attack Yvette
  50. Gabble Goblin

Famous Funny Parrot Names

These funny parrot names draw inspiration from beloved characters and stories, giving your parrot a touch of familiar and funny recognition!

  1. Polly (from “Pirates of the Caribbean”)
  2. Iago (from “Aladdin”)
  3. Paulie (from “Paulie”)
  4. Einstein (from “Back to the Future”)
  5. Rio (from “Rio”)
  6. Puck (from “The Ugly Duckling and Me!”)
  7. Kes (from “Star Trek: Voyager”)
  8. Polly the Parrot (from “Faulty Towers”)
  9. Coco (from “Pixar’s Up”)
  10. Crackers (from “Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat”)
  11. Squawk (from “Ice Age”)
  12. Skippy (from “Berenstain Bears”)
  13. Pollyanna (from “Pollyanna”)
  14. Gabriel (from “The Wild Thornberrys”)
  15. Captain Flint (from “Treasure Island”)
  16. Charlie (from “Charlie the Lonesome Cougar”)
  17. Artex (from “The NeverEnding Story”)
  18. Pepper (from “Pepper’s Adventures in Time”)
  19. Scuttle (from “The Little Mermaid”)
  20. Gulliver (from “Gulliver’s Travels”)

Comical Parrot Naming Ideas

These funny parrot names are designed to bring a smile to everyone’s face whenever your witty parrot makes an appearance!

  1. Feathered Comedian
  2. Parrotty McParrotface
  3. Laughing Lenny
  4. Sir Squawk-a-lot
  5. Chuckleberry
  6. Pecky the Prankster
  7. Comedy Quill
  8. The Jester Beak
  9. Sassy Squawkster
  10. Whimsical Wings
  11. Hilarious Hoot
  12. Banter Beak
  13. Gigglefeather
  14. Witty Whistler
  15. Punster Parrot
  16. Jokester Jay
  17. Silliness Serenade
  18. Chirpy Chuckles
  19. Pun Parrot
  20. Riddlewing
  21. Amusing Avian
  22. Chirpster Comedy
  23. Funny Feathered Friend
  24. Peculiar Pecker
  25. Chirpy Chucklebird
  26. Quirky Quill
  27. Hootenanny Humor
  28. Squawkster Smirk
  29. Witful Wings
  30. Punchline Parrot
  31. Cheeky Chortle
  32. Chirping Clown
  33. Pun-tastic Plumage
  34. Gigglewing
  35. Comical Caw
  36. Whimsy Whistler
  37. Chuckle Chirper
  38. Mirthful Macaw
  39. Wagglewit
  40. Pun and Preen
  41. Feathered Foolery
  42. Cackle Companion
  43. Chirping Charmer
  44. Squawky Sidekick
  45. Waggish Wings
  46. Hoot-Hilarity
  47. Chortle Chirp
  48. Laughing Linguist
  49. Pun-derful Plumage
  50. Silly Squawker

Entertaining Parrot Name Ideas

These funny parrot names celebrate the liveliness and entertainment factor your parrot brings to your life!

  1. Melody Minx
  2. Zesty Zazu
  3. Whimsy Warbler
  4. Jazz Hands
  5. Fiesta Feather
  6. Tropical Tootsie
  7. Rumba Rascal
  8. Disco Diva
  9. Sunny Songbird
  10. Boogie Beak
  11. Pizzazz Parrot
  12. Merry Melody
  13. Groovy Glide
  14. Cheery Chirper
  15. Samba Star
  16. Jingle Jester
  17. Radiant Rhythm
  18. Joyful Jive
  19. Bollywood Bopper
  20. Happy Harmony
  21. Whistle Wizard
  22. Lively Lyric
  23. Vibrant Vocalist
  24. Twinkle Tango
  25. Bouncy Bebop
  26. Glee Gulliver
  27. Lilt Luminary
  28. Energetic Ensemble
  29. Chirpy Cheerleader
  30. Dynamic Dancer
  31. Peppy Performer
  32. Charismatic Chirp
  33. Sparkling Serenade
  34. Merry Maestro
  35. Aria Aviator
  36. Funky Feathered Friend
  37. Bubbly Balladeer
  38. Vivacious Virtuoso
  39. Zippy Zephyr
  40. Buoyant Bard
  41. Dazzle Dancer
  42. Hummingbird Harmonizer
  43. Perky Pianist
  44. Merry Maraca
  45. Glamorous Groover
  46. Twirl and Tweet
  47. Zingy Zest
  48. Euphoria Echo
  49. Peppy Prancer
  50. Lively Limelight


Naming your parrot is an opportunity to infuse humor and personality into their identity. Whether it’s a comical twist on a traditional name or a pun that highlights their chirpy demeanor, funny parrot names can make your parrot’s presence even more delightful. Let your imagination take flight and choose a name that brings joy to both you and your feathered friend!

Remember, the most important thing is the bond you share with your parrot, no matter what name you decide upon.


Should I Choose a Name Based on My Parrot’s Personality?

Absolutely! Observing your parrot’s behavior, favorite sounds, or quirky habits can inspire a name that truly reflects their unique personality.

Is It Important for a Parrot to Respond to Their Name?

While parrots may not respond like dogs or cats, they can learn their names through repetition and association. Using their name consistently during positive interactions can help them recognize it over time.

Can I Change My Parrot’s Name?

Parrots are adaptable, so changing their name is possible. Use the new name consistently and associate it with positive experiences to help them learn it.

Any Tips for Choosing the Perfect Funny Name?

Consider the bird’s color, size, behavior, or favorite activities. Puns or wordplay related to their species or unique traits can often result in hilarious and fitting names.

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