Funny Names for Turkeys

Thanksgiving is a time of joy, family gatherings, and a delicious feast. Among the stars of this culinary celebration is the iconic turkey. While these birds are known for their succulent taste, they also carry a fun side in their funny names for Turkeys.

Here’s a rundown of amusing and funny names for Turkeys you can use to add a dash of humor to your Thanksgiving conversations.

Why Are Funny Names for Turkeys Popular?

  1. Entertainment: Funny names for turkeys add an element of amusement to Thanksgiving conversations and gatherings.
  2. Conversation Starter: They initiate laughter and conversations, creating memorable moments during the holiday.
  3. Personalization: Naming your turkey adds a personal touch to your Thanksgiving celebration, making it unique and special.

500+ Funny Names for Turkeys (Awesome & Catchy Ideas)

  1. Featherina Jolie: Inspired by the famous actress Angelina Jolie, a name for a particularly glamorous turkey.
  2. Sir Gobblesworth: A regal and distinguished title for your Thanksgiving bird.
  3. Drumstick McGobbleton: For a turkey that loves to show off its drumsticks!
  4. Clucktopia: A name suggesting a utopia of clucking and gobbling turkeys.
  5. Tina Turnkey: A play on the legendary singer Tina Turner’s name, perfect for a turkey that loves to strut its stuff.
  6. Featherico Suave: The smoothest and most debonair turkey around.
  7. Gobbletron 3000: The ultimate gobbling machine among turkeys!
  8. Featherina Ballerina: Graceful and poised, just like a dancing ballerina.
  9. Sultan Gobbleplop: A name with an air of royalty and sophistication.
  10. Lady Feathersmith: Elegance and refinement personified in a turkey name.
  11. Feathered Einstein: For the most intelligent turkey in the coop!
  12. Turkeylicious: A name that speaks for itself—utterly delicious turkey!
  13. Gobblezilla: A giant among turkeys, with a mighty gobble that shakes the barnyard.
  14. Featherby Doo: Inspired by the famous detective Scooby-Doo, perfect for a curious turkey.
  15. Duchess Drumstick: A name that exudes grace and nobility.
  16. Turk Vader: The dark and mysterious turkey from a galaxy far, far away.
  17. Featherina Diva: For the turkey that demands the spotlight and attention.
  18. Gobblesaurus Rex: The king of all gobblers, ruling the roost with its majestic presence.
  19. Count Feathula: A name with a spooky, vampire-like twist.
  20. Gobbleicious: So delicious, it’s in the name!
  21. Featherino Rossi: A turkey name inspired by the famous Italian tenor, perfect for a melodious bird.
  22. Featherella: A name fit for a fairytale, suggesting a graceful and enchanting turkey.
  23. Gobbleberry Finn: Inspired by the adventurous spirit of Mark Twain’s character.
  24. Feathertastic: A fantastic name for an all-around amazing turkey.
  25. Gobbleberry Pie: For a turkey that’s as sweet as pie.
  26. Featheraldo: A soccer-inspired name for a turkey that loves to kick up some feathers!
  27. Gobble-rama: A name suggesting a turkey extravaganza.
  28. Feathermaestro: The maestro of feathers, conducting elegance and charm.
  29. Gobbletastic: A name that captures the fantastic gobbling prowess of a turkey.
  30. Featherella de Vil: Inspired by the villainous character Cruella de Vil, perfect for a mischievous turkey.
  31. Gobblestronaut: A name suggesting a turkey ready for space exploration.
  32. Featherella Sparkle: A name filled with sparkle and shine, just like a radiant turkey.
  33. Gobbletopolis: The bustling and lively city of turkeys!
  34. Feathericus Maximus: The grandest and most magnificent turkey of them all.
  35. Gobblehontas: Inspired by the Disney character Pocahontas, for a free-spirited turkey.
  36. Featherdini: A magical and mysterious name, perfect for an illusionist turkey.
  37. Gobblezilla Jr.: The offspring of the mighty Gobblezilla, inheriting its parent’s greatness.
  38. Featherina Warrior: A name suggesting strength and courage in a turkey.
  39. Gobbletronix: The most technologically advanced turkey in the coop!
  40. Feathericus Aurelius: A name suggesting wisdom and nobility in a turkey.
  41. Gobbleberry Crunch: A turkey name inspired by the delicious cereal, suggesting a turkey that’s full of surprises.
  42. Featherina Picasso: For a turkey with artistic flair and creativity.
  43. Gobbletastic Voyage: A name suggesting an epic journey within the world of gobbling turkeys.
  44. Featheriffic: A terrific name for a feathered friend that’s simply amazing.
  45. Gobbleberry Blast: A name suggesting a turkey bursting with energy and excitement.
  46. Featherbert Einstein: Combining feathers and brains in one clever turkey name.
  47. Gobblepuff: A name suggesting a soft and cuddly turkey.
  48. Featherina Superstar: The superstar among turkeys, shining bright in the coop.
  49. Gobbletropolis: A bustling metropolis inhabited by the gobbling elite!
  50. Featherosa: A name suggesting elegance and beauty in a turkey.

These funny names for Turkeys aim to bring laughter and joy to your Thanksgiving celebration, adding a touch of whimsy to the festivities!

Turkish Funny Names

  1. Sultan Gobbleh: Embracing the regal spirit with a playful twist.
  2. Kebaboo: A nod to the famous Turkish dish, adding a whimsical touch.
  3. Fezzy McFeather: Blending the iconic Turkish fez with a playful turkey name.
  4. Bosphorus Bob: Inspired by the majestic Bosphorus strait in Turkey.
  5. Turk-e-licious: Combining “Turk” with “delicious” for a flavorful name.
  6. Kadife Kebab: Kadife means velvet in Turkish, adding elegance to the name.
  7. Istanbul Icarus: Embracing the historic and mythical vibes of Istanbul.
  8. Turk-a-doodle: A playful twist on the classic “doodle” with a Turkish flair.
  9. Simit Sultan: Named after the famous Turkish bagel-like bread, simit.
  10. Feathered Ottoman: Blending the royal Ottoman Empire legacy with a feathered friend.

These funny names for Turkeys infuse a bit of Turkish culture and humor into the mix, adding a unique touch to your Thanksgiving celebration!

Fun Names for Turkeys

  1. Wattle Wally
  2. Pecky McFeathers
  3. Gobble Gatsby
  4. Feather McFlap
  5. Sir Clucks-a-Lot
  6. Feathery Fiasco
  7. Gobblezilla Jr.
  8. Turkeylicious
  9. Dandy Drumstick
  10. Feather Flurry
  11. Sassy Strutter
  12. Gobblesworth
  13. Plucky Picasso
  14. Feathered Fantasia
  15. Chickpea Charlie
  16. Sir Pecksalot
  17. Fluffy McStuffing
  18. Gobbletron

Funny Name Suggestions for Turkeys

  1. Gobbleini
  2. Feathery McFeatherface
  3. Sir Gobblesworth
  4. Featherina Jolie
  5. Cluck Norris
  6. Henrietta von Gobblestein
  7. Pecky McPeckerson
  8. Drumstick Dynamite
  9. Gobbleberry Crunch
  10. Featherdoodle
  11. Sir Wing-a-Lot
  12. Cluckleberry Finn
  13. Feathersaurus Rex
  14. Gobblepotamus
  15. Chickadee Chatterbox
  16. Sir Plume-a-Lot
  17. Featherlynn
  18. Gobbleicious Maximus
  19. Cluckmazing
  20. Sir Featherflop

Have fun choosing the perfect quirky name for your turkey!

Funny Name Ideas for Turkeys

  1. Gobblesaurus Rex
  2. Sir Featherbottom
  3. Cluckzilla
  4. Feathers McGobble
  5. Wingston Churchill
  6. Henrietta von Drumstick
  7. Gobbletron
  8. Feathertail Twirl
  9. Sir Pecks-a-Lot
  10. Cluckmungous

Hilarious Names for Turkeys

  1. Gobbletron 5000
  2. Sir Feathersworth
  3. Cluckmageddon
  4. Featherina Sparklepants
  5. Winged Wonder
  6. Gobblenator
  7. Henrietta Fluffernutter
  8. Sir Peck-a-lot
  9. Featherdoodle Dandy
  10. Gobblezilla Strikes Again
  11. Clucktastic McFeathers
  12. Winged Waggler
  13. Sir Gobblepants
  14. Feathery McFly
  15. Gobblenaut
  16. Featherwiggle Fiasco
  17. Sir Drumstickery
  18. Cluckmopolitan
  19. Featherbeak Fandango
  20. Gobbleberry Delight

Have fun picking a side-splitting name for your feathered friend!


Thanksgiving is not only about delicious food but also about creating cherished memories with loved ones. Adding a touch of humor through funny names for Turkeys can make this holiday even more special. So, get creative and give your Thanksgiving turkey a name that will be remembered long after the feast!

What hilarious name will you choose for your Thanksgiving turkey this year? Share your favorites with friends and family and let the laughter commence!


Can I really name my Thanksgiving turkey?

Absolutely! It’s a fun way to personalize your celebration and add some humor to the festivities.

Will the turkey respond to its name?

Turkeys aren’t known for their responsiveness to names, but giving your bird a funny name can entertain your guests.

Are there cultural considerations when naming a turkey?

It’s essential to ensure that the names chosen are respectful and in good taste, avoiding any offense to cultural or religious sensitivities.

How can I introduce the turkey’s funny name during Thanksgiving?

You can share the name while presenting the turkey to your guests or make it a part of your Thanksgiving speech, setting a jovial tone for the meal.

Can I involve guests in naming the turkey?

Absolutely! Encourage guests to suggest names or even hold a vote to decide on the funniest one. It adds an interactive element to the celebration.

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