Funny Names for Snakes

Snakes, with their slithery grace and mesmerizing charm, have long intrigued and inspired funny names for snakes. From the comical to the quirky, these serpentine creatures evoke creativity when it comes to choosing the perfect moniker.

If you’re in search of amusing names for your scaly friend or simply looking for a good laugh, here’s a curated list of funny names for snakes that’ll tickle your funny bone!

500+ Funny Names for Snakes (Awesome & Catchy Ideas)

  1. Sir Slithersalot: A snake that elegantly maneuvers around.
  2. Noodle: Perfect for a particularly long and flexible serpent.
  3. Hissy Elliott: A snake with rhythm in its movements, a tribute to Missy Elliott.
  4. Slytherin: Ideal for a clever and cunning snake.
  5. Monty Python: Inspired by British humor, great for a witty snake.
  6. Slinky: For a snake that loves to coil and uncoil.
  7. Boa-ldemort: Powerful and enigmatic, a fusion of “Boa” and “Voldemort.”
  8. Copperfield: Named after the famous magician for a snake with disappearing acts.
  9. Wiggles: Ideal for a snake that wiggles its way around.
  10. Serpentina: A charming and graceful name for a lady snake.
  11. Mr. Slitherman: A sophisticated, well-mannered snake.
  12. Curly-Q: A snake with a notably curly or coiled appearance.
  13. Scalesworth: A snake that takes its scales seriously.
  14. Slipperoo: Always slipping and sliding its way through.
  15. Gigglecoil: A snake that induces giggles with its movements.
  16. Twisty McScaleface: A playful name for a twisty, turny snake.
  17. Bananasss: Yellow and possibly peeling, just like a banana.
  18. Slinky McBenderson: A snake known for its extreme flexibility.
  19. Slipstream: A fast and smooth-moving serpent.
  20. Slinkerbell: A fairy-like name for a dainty and elegant snake.
  21. Zigzag: Perfect for a snake that moves in a zigzag pattern.
  22. Wigglebottom: Known for its endless wiggles and jiggles.
  23. Serpentaurus Rex: A regal name fit for a kingly snake.
  24. Slippery Pete: Always sliding into unexpected places.
  25. Mr. Wriggly: An active and wriggly snake.
  26. Slinky Scaleson: With a body that coils like a Slinky toy.
  27. Serpico: A suave and sophisticated snake.
  28. Wigglezilla: A giant among wiggly snakes.
  29. Coily McTwistface: Known for its elaborate twists and turns.
  30. Silkenscale: A snake with exceptionally smooth movements.
  31. Slinkytail: The tail moves just like a Slinky.
  32. Dizzycoil: A snake that spins and coils simultaneously.
  33. Serpentino: A playful twist on the word “serpent.”
  34. Wobblecoil: A bit wobbly but charming in its movements.
  35. Mr. Wigglesworth: Known for its continuous wiggling.
  36. Slinkyserp: A combination of “Slinky” and “serpent.”
  37. Tangles: Always tangled up in amusing positions.
  38. Spiralicious: Spirals its way through every situation.
  39. Slinko: A short and sweet name for a slick snake.
  40. Slippery Sam: Always slipping and sliding.
  41. Slinkykins: Small but with a coiling prowess.
  42. Coilbert: A sophisticated name for a coiling snake.
  43. Twistopher: A twisty, turny serpent with style.
  44. Serpentus Maximus: A grand name for a majestic snake.
  45. Wrigglemaster: Master of all wiggles and jiggles.
  46. Corkscrew: Moves in a spiral, just like a corkscrew.
  47. Slip ‘n’ Slide: Always sliding its way through adventures.
  48. Serpentella: A playful and elegant name for a female snake.
  49. Wigglewhiskers: Whisking and wiggling its way through.
  50. Slinkytailor: Its tail moves like a tailor’s tape measure.

These funny names for snakes aim to capture the playful and whimsical nature of snakes while adding a touch of humor to their personalities.

Funny Names for Snakes for Male

  1. Sir Slithersalot
  2. Hissy Elliott
  3. Slytherin
  4. Monty Python
  5. Boa-ldemort
  6. Copperfield
  7. Mr. Slitherman
  8. Curly-Q
  9. Slipperoo
  10. Twisty McScaleface
  11. Slinky McBenderson
  12. Slipstream
  13. Slinkerbell
  14. Zigzag
  15. Serpentaurus Rex
  16. Slippery Pete
  17. Mr. Wriggly
  18. Slinky Scaleson
  19. Serpico
  20. Coily McTwistface

Funny Names for Snakes for Female

  1. Lady Slithersalot
  2. Hissy Eleganza
  3. Slytherina
  4. Monty Pythia
  5. Boa-dicea
  6. Copperella
  7. Miss Slitherwoman
  8. Curly-Queen
  9. Slipperina
  10. Twisty McScalesa
  11. Slinky McBen-dressin’
  12. Slipstreama
  13. Slinkerbelle
  14. Zigzagette
  15. Serpentara
  16. Slippery Petunia
  17. Miss Wriggly
  18. Slinky Scalina
  19. Serpica
  20. Coily McTwistette

Funny Names for Snakes for Baby

  1. Squiggles
  2. Snakeling
  3. Mini Slither
  4. Scales Jr.
  5. Tiny Twister
  6. Lil’ Coilster
  7. Wiggly Squirm
  8. Little Slinky
  9. Baby Serpentini
  10. Slitherkin
  11. Petite Python
  12. Lil’ Boa-ling
  13. Slinky Jr.
  14. Miniature Hissler
  15. Baby Wriggles
  16. Teeny Slinker
  17. Lil’ Wiggleworm
  18. Pocket Python
  19. Tiny Serpentina
  20. Lil’ Twistaroo

Humorous Names for Snakes

  1. Hissy Elliott
  2. Sir Slithersalot
  3. Boa-ldemort
  4. Monty Python
  5. Slinky McSlinkerson
  6. Wigglebottom
  7. Noodle
  8. Scalesworth
  9. Slytherin
  10. Serpentina Jolie
  11. Wigglesworth
  12. Rattlebottom
  13. Slinkster
  14. Hiss-torical
  15. Sir Squeaksalot
  16. Coily McCurls
  17. Sssir Chuckles
  18. Jigglecoil
  19. Slither McLaugh
  20. Wrigglywig

Funny Snake Naming Ideas

  1. Pun Play: Utilize wordplay and puns related to snakes, coils, or movements. For instance, “Coily McTwist” or “Hiss-torical.”
  2. Pop Culture References: Draw inspiration from movies, TV shows, books, or celebrities. Names like “Slytherin” or “Boa-ldemort” are playful nods to famous characters.
  3. Personality Traits: Observe your snake’s behavior and use it as inspiration. For a wiggly snake, names like “Wigglesworth” or “Jigglecoil” might fit.
  4. Physical Appearance: Consider names based on color or patterns. “Stripes” for a striped snake or “Scalesworth” for a particularly scaly one.
  5. Literary or Mythological Figures: Names like “Medusa” or “Ouroboros” can add a touch of intrigue and depth to your snake’s name.
  6. Famous Pairings: Play on famous duos or pairs, such as “Bonnie and Slither” or “Python and Clyde.”
  7. Food-Inspired Names: Get creative with food-related names like “Noodle,” “Pretzel,” or “Serpentini.”
  8. Historical Figures: Explore historical figures or events for unique and quirky names like “Julius Squeezer” or “Napoleon Bona-coil.”
  9. Combine Words: Mix and match words to create playful combinations. “Wrigglywig” or “Slinkytailor” are examples of this approach.
  10. Mythical Creatures: Draw inspiration from mythical beings like “Dragoncoil” or “Basilisk Jr.”

Remember, the key is to have fun and choose funny names for snakes that resonate with your snake’s personality or characteristics while bringing a smile to your face!

Hilarious Funny Names for Snakes

  1. Sir Slithersalot
  2. Hissy Elliott
  3. Slytherin
  4. Monty Python
  5. Boa-ldemort
  6. Copperfield
  7. Slinky McBenderson
  8. Wigglebottom
  9. Coily McTwistface
  10. Scalesworth
  11. Rattleberry
  12. Noodle McWiggle
  13. Sssir Chuckles
  14. Jigglecoil
  15. Serpentini Twist
  16. Sir Squeaksalot
  17. Hiss-toricus
  18. Rattle-Rama
  19. Slippy McSlide
  20. Wrigglewigglekins

These funny names for snakes aim to evoke laughter and playfulness, capturing the amusing side of snake personalities.

Entertaining Snake Naming Concepts

  1. Mythical Creatures: Choose names inspired by legendary creatures like dragons, basilisks, or hydras. For instance, “Draco” or “Hydra.”
  2. Adventurous Titles: Consider names that evoke a sense of adventure or exploration, such as “Explorer Serpentine” or “Adventura.”
  3. Magical Names: Opt for names associated with magic and sorcery, like “Mystique” or “Enchantia.”
  4. Space and Cosmic Themes: Go for names inspired by celestial entities or space exploration, such as “Galaxia” or “Stellaris.”
  5. Famous Explorers: Name your snake after renowned explorers like “Magellan” or “Columbus.”
  6. Fantasy Lands: Choose names from fictional places like “El Dorado” or “Atlantis.”
  7. Superhero or Villainous Names: Draw inspiration from comic books or movies for names like “Venomstrike” or “Captain Coil.”
  8. Botanical and Nature-Inspired Names: Pick names related to plants or natural elements, such as “Vineheart” or “Zephyr.”
  9. Artistic and Muse-Inspired: Consider names inspired by the arts or muses, like “Picasso” or “Melodia.”
  10. Mythological Gods and Goddesses: Select names from various mythologies, such as “Apollo” or “Isis.”

Mix and match these concepts or brainstorm around them to create an entertaining unique & funny names for snakes that reflects your snake’s persona and captivates your imagination!


Whether you opt for a pun-filled name or a reference to pop culture, naming your snake can be a delightful experience. Remember, the best funny names for snakes are the ones that bring joy and laughter into your life while celebrating the unique charm of these fascinating creatures.

So, go ahead, get creative, and embrace the hilarity of naming your slithery friend!


Do Snakes Respond to Their Names?

Snakes don’t have the same cognitive recognition as pets like dogs or cats, but they can recognize familiarity. Over time, they may associate a particular sound or your voice with positive experiences.

Can I Change My Snake’s Name?

Absolutely! Snakes aren’t typically attached to their names. As long as you’re consistent with the new name, they should adjust to it without much hassle.

Should I Consider My Snake’s Species When Naming?

Considering their species can inspire creative names. For instance, a ball python might suit names like “Pebble” or “Cocoa,” while a corn snake might fit names like “Popcorn” or “Maize.”

How Do I Choose the Perfect Name for My Snake?

Get inspired by their appearance, behavior, or even your favorite movies, books, or music. A name that resonates with you and brings a smile to your face is often the perfect choice.

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