Funny Names for Rabbits

Rabbits are not just adorable pets; they’re also great companions that bring joy and laughter into our lives. Choosing the perfect funny names for rabbits can be a delightful experience. While some opt for traditional names, others seek out unique and funny monikers that reflect their pet’s personality.

If you’re on the hunt for quirky and funny names for rabbits, you’re in for a treat! Let’s dive into the whimsical world of funny rabbit names.

500+ Funny Names for Rabbits (Awesome & Creative Ideas)

1. Punderful Pals:

  1. Sir Hops-a-lot: Ideal for a rabbit that loves to hop around enthusiastically.
  2. Furry Potter: Inspired by the famous wizard, perfect for a magical-looking rabbit.
  3. Bunjamin Button: Suitable for a rabbit that seems to defy aging or behaves youthfully.
  4. Bunzilla: A playful name for a larger-than-life or energetically destructive bunny.
  5. Bunnicula: Inspired by the literary vampire rabbit, great for a mischievous bunny.

2. Foodie Fun:

  1. Coco Puff: Perfect for a rabbit with a cocoa-colored coat or a bubbly personality.
  2. Jellybean: Ideal for a small, colorful, and sweet-natured bunny.
  3. Pumpkin Spice: Great for an autumn-colored rabbit or one with a warm and comforting demeanor.
  4. Snickers: Suitable for a rabbit with an energetic and lively character.
  5. Butterscotch: Perfect for a rabbit with a golden or caramel-colored fur.

3. Celebrity-Inspired:

  1. Bunny Gaga: Inspired by the extravagant pop star, fitting for a bold and unique rabbit.
  2. Hoppy Holmes: Ideal for a clever and inquisitive bunny, inspired by Sherlock Holmes.
  3. Bun Diesel: Suitable for a strong and robust-looking rabbit, a play on Vin Diesel.
  4. Hoppy Potter: Another magical twist, perfect for a rabbit with a whimsical nature.
  5. Sir Fluffington: Regal-sounding, fitting for a rabbit with a majestic appearance.

4. Fairy Tale Fantasies:

  1. Fur-ora: Inspired by the warrior princess “Aurora,” fitting for a strong and fearless bunny.
  2. Bunzelwinkle: A mix of Rapunzel and Tinkerbell, great for a whimsical and free-spirited rabbit.
  3. Thumperella: A graceful name for a bunny with elegance and charm, merging Thumper and Cinderella.
  4. Hop-along Cassidy: Inspired by the cowboy character, ideal for a rabbit that loves to explore.
  5. Furlock Holmes: Perfect for a rabbit that’s curious and keen on solving mysteries.

These funny names for rabbits offer a blend of humor, creativity, and potential meanings that can match your rabbit’s personality or physical traits, making the naming process a delightful adventure!

Humorous Rabbit Names

  1. Fluffleupagus: A playful take on “Snuffleupagus,” perfect for a fluffy bunny.
  2. Bunny McHop: A name that adds a touch of Irish humor to your rabbit’s identity.
  3. Thumpelstiltskin: A whimsical name for a bunny known for its thumping antics.
  4. Sir Bounces-a-Lot: Ideal for a rabbit that loves bouncing around with endless energy.
  5. Hoptimus Prime: A humorous nod to the leader of the Autobots for a bunny that’s a natural leader.
  6. Chewbunca: Inspired by the Wookiee warrior Chewbacca from Star Wars.
  7. Dumbledore: Perfect for a wise-looking rabbit with a majestic demeanor.
  8. Hopscotch: A playful and cheerful name for a rabbit that’s always on the move.
  9. Bunjamin Franklin: A witty name for an intelligent and scholarly rabbit.
  10. Pawsitron: A futuristic-sounding name for a forward-thinking and innovative bunny.
  11. Fluffernutter: Great for a rabbit with a fluffy coat and a sweet disposition.
  12. Bun Solo: Inspired by Han Solo from Star Wars, fitting for an independent rabbit.
  13. Wiggles: Ideal for a rabbit that wiggles or dances around playfully.
  14. Bunjamin Bunny: A fun twist on the classic literary character Benjamin Bunny.
  15. Hoprah Winfrey: A humorous take on Oprah Winfrey for a confident and influential rabbit.
  16. Furball Einstein: Perfect for a rabbit that’s both smart and furry.
  17. Captain Flopsy: A playful name with a nod to leadership qualities and a floppy-eared rabbit.
  18. Buns and Roses: A humorous combination for a gentle and flowery-natured rabbit.
  19. Fuzzy Wuzzy: Ideal for a rabbit with an extra fuzzy and cuddly appearance.
  20. Lord Bunnington: A regal and amusing name for a rabbit that exudes elegance.

These funny names for rabbits are both witty and playful, sure to bring joy to anyone who meets your delightfully named rabbit!

Quirky Bunny Names

  1. Mr. Binky: Ideal for a playful and bouncy rabbit.
  2. Dandelion Fluff: A whimsical name for a fluffy, light-colored bunny.
  3. Nibblesworth: Suitable for a rabbit that loves to nibble on everything.
  4. Luna Whiskers: Perfect for a mystical-looking bunny with long whiskers.
  5. Captain Carrot: A quirky name for a rabbit that adores carrots.
  6. Flopsy Doodle: Great for a bunny that’s a bit of a goofball.
  7. Cottonball McHoppington: A name that emphasizes both softness and hopping.
  8. Fizzwidget: Ideal for an energetic and fizzy personality.
  9. Sir Nibbler: A quirky, knightly name for a rabbit with a nibbling habit.
  10. Pepper Paws: Perfect for a bunny with speckled or multicolored paws.
  11. Bunjamin Buttonhole: A quirky twist on the classic name, perfect for an ever-young bunny.
  12. Twixie: Suitable for a rabbit that’s twice as mischievous and playful.
  13. Hopsy-Turvy: A name that captures the whimsical, topsy-turvy nature of your rabbit.
  14. Jellybean Whiskerton: Ideal for a sweet-natured and whisker-twitching bunny.
  15. Professor Bounceworth: For a scholarly rabbit that also loves bouncing around.
  16. Bunnybell: A cute and quirky name for a rabbit that rings joy into your life.
  17. Velvet Wiggles: Perfect for a soft and wiggly bunny with a luxurious coat.
  18. Binkers: A playful and unique name for a rabbit that loves doing binkies.
  19. Chai Latte Whiskerino: A name inspired by warmth and elegance for a sophisticated bunny.
  20. Marbles McGee: Ideal for a rabbit that hops around like they’ve got a pocketful of marbles.

Feel free to mix, match, or tweak these funny names for rabbits to perfectly suit the personality and characteristics of your quirky bunny!

Witty Names for Rabbits

  1. Sir Hopsalot: A witty play on words emphasizing your rabbit’s hopping prowess.
  2. Ears Truly: A clever nod to your rabbit’s prominent and adorable ears.
  3. Bunjamin Bunnet: A witty take on the name Benjamin Button, highlighting your rabbit’s youthful energy.
  4. Hopscotch McCoy: A playful and witty name combining hopping and a touch of ‘Star Trek.’
  5. Whisker Wilde: A witty name inspired by Oscar Wilde, perfect for a bunny with a dramatic flair.
  6. Bun Tzu: A clever nod to the philosopher Sun Tzu, suitable for a wise and strategic rabbit.
  7. Bunson Hopkin: A play on “Bunsen” and “Hop,” fitting for a scientifically curious bunny.
  8. Einstein Hops: A witty reference to Einstein’s intelligence, ideal for a brainy bunny.
  9. Sir Bounce-a-Lot: Emphasizing your rabbit’s bouncy and energetic nature with a knightly twist.
  10. Fuzzy Witsgerald: A clever play on F. Scott Fitzgerald, perfect for a rabbit with a fuzzy coat and a literary air.
  11. Bunnytail Twain: A witty name inspired by Mark Twain, suited for a rabbit with a lively tail.
  12. Rabbitstein: A fusion of “Rabbit” and “Frankenstein,” ideal for a creatively mischievous bunny.
  13. Thumpster: A witty name playing on “Thumper” and “Dumpster,” perfect for a rabbit known for thumping.
  14. Bunjamin Bunnyamin: A playful take on the name Benjamin, doubling the fun for your rabbit.
  15. Snickerfur: Combining “snicker” and “fur,” fitting for a bunny that brings smiles with its fluffy presence.

Feel free to choose funny names for rabbits that best resonates with your rabbit’s personality or mix and match to create a new witty name that suits your clever and charming furry companion!

Hilarious Rabbit Names

  1. Fluffinator: A name that gives your bunny a powerful and fluffy persona.
  2. Sir Binks-a-Lot: Perfect for a rabbit that’s always vocal with their opinions.
  3. Captain Bunderpants: A playful nod to fun and mischief, inspired by the Captain Underpants series.
  4. Hopscaliwag: A whimsical and funny name for a mischievous bunny.
  5. Lord Fluffington III: A regal and funny title for a rabbit that thinks highly of themselves.
  6. Bunjamin Hoplin: A hilarious twist on a classic name for a hopping enthusiast.
  7. Bunny McFuzzball: An amusing name that celebrates your rabbit’s abundance of fur.
  8. Bunzilla the Destroyer: Perfect for a rabbit that turns your living room into a play zone.
  9. Flufflestiltskin: A comical name for a bunny that seems to spin their own tales.
  10. Baron Von Binkles: A sophisticated yet amusing name for a bunny with a quirky charm.
  11. Flopzilla: Ideal for a rabbit that enjoys dramatic flops and bunny acrobatics.
  12. Bunny the Barbarian: A funny title for a rabbit with a wild and adventurous spirit.
  13. Hoppy-go-lucky: Reflective of a carefree and happy-go-lucky rabbit personality.
  14. Bunjamin Bunny-Bun: A hilariously redundant name emphasizing the ‘bun’ in bunny.
  15. Professor Fluffington: An academic-sounding name for a bunny that loves to learn (or chew on books).

These funny names for rabbits add a dash of humor and whimsy to your rabbit’s identity, making every interaction with your furry friend a source of amusement!

Unique Rabbit Name Ideas

  1. Zephyr: A unique name inspired by a gentle breeze, perfect for a calm and serene bunny.
  2. Aurora: Inspired by the Northern Lights, ideal for a rabbit with a multi-colored fur coat.
  3. Nyx: A name of the Greek goddess of the night, suited for a mysterious and elegant bunny.
  4. Quill: Unique and fitting for a rabbit with sleek and sharp-looking fur.
  5. Tundra: A distinctive name inspired by icy landscapes, great for a white or cool-toned rabbit.
  6. Solstice: A unique name representing balance and change, suitable for a rabbit with a dynamic personality.
  7. Echo: Inspired by the mythological nymph, fitting for a bunny with a voice that echoes through your heart.
  8. Sable: A name representing dark fur, perfect for a rabbit with a rich, dark-colored coat.
  9. Midas: Inspired by King Midas, ideal for a rabbit that brings golden warmth into your life.
  10. Peregrine: A name signifying swiftness and agility, suited for a fast-moving bunny.
  11. Zephyra: A variation of Zephyr, adding a feminine touch for a graceful female rabbit.
  12. Aurelia: A name meaning “golden” or “gilded,” perfect for a rabbit with a shining personality.
  13. Thistle: A unique and spunky name, suitable for a rabbit with a bit of a wild side.
  14. Reverie: A name representing daydreams and imagination, fitting for a dreamy and relaxed bunny.
  15. Citrine: Inspired by the gemstone, ideal for a rabbit with a sunny and vibrant personality.

Choose funny names for rabbits that resonates with your rabbit’s individuality and characteristics, ensuring a special and one-of-a-kind bond between you and your furry companion!

Funny Rabbit Name Suggestions

  1. Sir Flopsalot: Perfect for a bunny known for its dramatic flops and playful antics.
  2. Fuzzy McHopperson: A hilarious name emphasizing both fur and hopping behavior.
  3. Bunjamin Bounce: A funny twist on the name Benjamin, emphasizing your rabbit’s bouncy nature.
  4. Nibbles the Magnificent: A humorous title for a rabbit that nibbles everything in sight.
  5. Snickerdoodle Fluffbottom: A comical and whimsical name perfect for a sweet and fluffy bunny.
  6. Lord Binkerton: A regal and funny title for a rabbit that demands respect with a hint of silliness.
  7. Binky McBunsworth: A playful name for a rabbit known for their enthusiastic binkies.
  8. Cottonball McFlop: A hilarious combination focusing on both fluffiness and flop antics.
  9. Baron Hoppington: A comical name with an aristocratic touch for a bunny with a dignified demeanor.
  10. Wigglesworth the Whiskerific: A funny and quirky name celebrating your rabbit’s wiggles and whiskers.
  11. Professor Bounce-a-lot: An amusingly scholarly name for a bunny that hops around with curiosity.
  12. Bunster the Buster: A funny title for a rabbit that’s always on a mission to explore and ‘bust’ things.
  13. Fluffy McBinkles: A combination of fluffiness and binkies, perfect for a joyously playful bunny.
  14. Hopscotch Hare: A whimsical and playful name for a rabbit that loves hopping games.
  15. Bunzilla the Bunnyquake: A hilarious and larger-than-life name for a rabbit that shakes up your world.

Feel free to mix, match, or add your own twist to these funny names for rabbits to perfectly capture your bunny’s personality and bring a smile to everyone’s face!

Silly Rabbit Names

  1. Fluffernutter McNugget: A whimsical combination of fluffy, nutty, and small-sized.
  2. Professor Wiggletail: A silly title for a bunny with a tail that’s always in motion.
  3. Captain Bounce-a-Bunch: Perfect for a rabbit known for their enthusiastic bouncing.
  4. Lady Snifflebottom: A comical name for a refined and nosy rabbit.
  5. Dizzy Whiskerwiggle: Ideal for a bunny that always seems a bit disoriented but utterly charming.
  6. Sir Binklesworth III: A regal-sounding yet utterly silly name for a rabbit that loves to binky.
  7. Fluffy McFlopperson: A combination emphasizing fluffiness and flop behaviors.
  8. Bunnykins Bumblefluff: A silly and playful name for a rabbit that’s full of energy.
  9. Wobble Earsworth: Perfect for a rabbit with particularly floppy or wobbly ears.
  10. Count Binkybite: A whimsical and humorous name for a bunny that nibbles on everything.
  11. Baron Hoptastic: A delightfully over-the-top title for a rabbit with grand hopping skills.
  12. Muffin Tumblewhisker: A silly combination that’s as endearing as it is playful.
  13. Snicklefritz Wigglebottom: A funny and bouncy name full of charm and mischief.
  14. Bunny McFuzzface: A name highlighting the adorable fuzziness of your rabbit’s face.
  15. Flopsie McBinkles: A blend of flop and binky behaviors, perfect for a playful bunny.

Mix and match these funny names for rabbits or let them inspire your own silly and delightful name for your beloved rabbit companion!

Unconventional Bunny Names

  1. Pixel: A modern and tech-inspired name for a small and quick bunny.
  2. Echo: Unconventional and representing a voice that resonates, ideal for a vocal rabbit.
  3. Sprocket: A quirky and mechanical-sounding name for an active and curious bunny.
  4. Ziggy: An unconventional yet fun name for a free-spirited and energetic rabbit.
  5. Nimbus: A unique and airy name, perfect for a bunny with a light and airy personality.
  6. Crimson: Unconventional for a red or brightly colored rabbit, showcasing its vibrant fur.
  7. Whisper: An unconventional name for a quiet and gentle-natured bunny.
  8. Mischief: A playful and non-traditional name for a mischievous and curious rabbit.
  9. Seraphina: Unconventional but elegant, suitable for a graceful and serene bunny.
  10. Galaxy: A cosmic and unconventional name for a bunny that seems out of this world.
  11. Cosmo: Unique and space-themed, perfect for a bunny that’s always exploring.
  12. Puzzle: Unconventional yet fitting for a rabbit that’s puzzling or enjoys solving problems.
  13. Lyric: An unconventional name for a melodious and charming rabbit.
  14. Sable: Unconventional for a dark-colored rabbit, highlighting its rich and dark fur.
  15. Tango: Unconventional and lively, perfect for a spirited and energetic bunny.

These unconventional funny names for rabbits add a touch of uniqueness and individuality to your bunny’s identity, making them stand out even more in their own delightful way!

Laugh-Out-Loud Rabbit Names

  1. Sir Binksalot: Perfect for a bunny that loves to make a lot of noise or binky around.
  2. Fluffy McFuzzball: A comically descriptive name for a rabbit with an abundance of fur.
  3. Bunny McHoppity: A playful name emphasizing your rabbit’s hopping antics.
  4. Lord Fluffington: A regal-sounding name with a touch of silliness for a fluffy bunny.
  5. Bunjamin Buttonbomb: A funny twist on a classic name, perfect for a lively bunny.
  6. Fuzzywiggle McBounce: A hilariously descriptive name for a rabbit that loves to wiggle and bounce.
  7. Hoppy McNibbles: A silly name for a rabbit that enjoys nibbling on everything in sight.
  8. Captain Binkster: Perfect for a rabbit known for their enthusiastic binkies.
  9. Baron Flopington: A funny title for a rabbit that excels at dramatic flops.
  10. Furball McGiggles: An amusingly descriptive name for a rabbit that brings giggles.
  11. Duke Bounce-a-lot: A comical name for a rabbit that’s constantly bouncing with energy.
  12. Bunny Boo-boos: A humorous and endearing name for a rabbit known for their little mishaps.
  13. Duchess Wigglesworth: A funny yet dignified name for a rabbit with a habit of wiggling.
  14. Whiskerwiggle McGee: A playful and descriptive name highlighting your rabbit’s wiggly whiskers.
  15. Fluffy McZoomzoom: A name that adds a dash of speed and energy to your fluffy friend.

Choose the name that tickles your funny bone the most or blend elements from different names to create a laugh-out-loud name that perfectly suits your rabbit’s personality and brings smiles to everyone around!


Choosing funny names for rabbits is a delightful way to infuse joy into your pet’s identity. Whether it’s a pun-filled name or a pop culture reference, the options are endless.

Remember, the best name is the one that brings a smile to your face and reflects the special bond you share with your furry companion. So, get creative and have fun finding that perfect, chuckle-inducing name for your beloved bunny!


Are funny names suitable for all rabbit breeds?

Absolutely! Funny names can be tailored to suit any rabbit, regardless of breed or size. The key is to find a name that resonates with their personality.

Will a funny name affect my rabbit’s behavior?

Not at all! Rabbits don’t understand the linguistic nuances of their names. They respond more to tone and familiar sounds. A funny name won’t impact their behavior.

How can I choose a funny name that suits my rabbit?

Consider your rabbit’s appearance, personality traits, and behaviors. Puns, pop culture references, or even food-related names can reflect their unique characteristics.

Should I prioritize a funny name over a practical one?

The primary goal is choosing a name that you and your rabbit resonate with. While a practical name may have its merits, a funny name can add joy and uniqueness to your pet’s identity.

Can I change my rabbit’s name if they don’t respond to it?

Rabbits can adapt to new names with patience and consistency. If your bunny doesn’t respond to their name, gradually transition to the new one using positive reinforcement.

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