Funny Names for Halloween

Halloween is a time for creativity, fun, and, of course, dressing up! Are you tired of the same old costume names and seeking something fresh and humorous? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of side-splitting, funny names for Halloween that are sure to make you the life of the party.

500+ Funny Names for Halloween (Awesome & Catchy Ideas)

  1. Zom-BeyoncĂ©: A play on the word “zombie” combined with the iconic singer BeyoncĂ©, creating a spooky yet glamorous character.
  2. Purr-anha: A blend of a purring cat and the ferociousness of a piranha, ideal for a costume that mixes cute and scary elements.
  3. Vampirella DeVille: Combining the allure of a vampire with the wickedness of Cruella DeVille from “101 Dalmatians” fame.
  4. Hula-ween: A tropical twist on Halloween, merging the traditional hula dancer with spooky elements for a unique costume.
  5. Franken-pug: A cute and comical combination of Frankenstein’s monster and an adorable pug, perfect for dog lovers.
  6. Alien Gaga: Mixing extraterrestrial elements with the iconic style of Lady Gaga, resulting in a truly out-of-this-world costume.
  7. Mummy-fied CEO: A humorous combination of a mummy and a corporate CEO, blending the spooky and professional worlds.
  8. Wizard of Paws: A wizard-themed costume paired with playful dog accessories, ideal for those with a furry friend to include in their ensemble.
  9. Disco-Yeti: A fusion of the funky disco era with the mythical yeti, creating a costume that’s both groovy and mysterious.
  10. Sushi-Roll: Transform into a delicious sushi roll, incorporating playful wordplay and colorful attire for a tasty costume.
  11. Vampoodle: A vampire poodle, mixing elegance and spookiness with a touch of humor.
  12. Ghoul Scout: A spooky twist on the traditional Girl Scout, perfect for those who love a mix of scary and cute.
  13. Phantom of the Oprah: Combining the iconic talk show host Oprah with the eerie Phantom of the Opera for a clever pun.
  14. Jurassic Pork: A hilarious play on “Jurassic Park,” envisioning a pig in a dinosaur costume for a quirky Halloween look.
  15. Witch-Doctor: A mashup of a traditional witch and a medical practitioner, blending magic with medicine in a comical way.
  16. Vampirella Ballerina: A vampire-inspired ballet dancer, merging elegance with the supernatural for a graceful yet spooky costume.
  17. Zombie Prom Queen: A blend of the undead and high school royalty, perfect for a spooky take on prom night.
  18. Grim Reaper Gardener: A humorous combination of the Grim Reaper and a gardener, wielding a scythe amidst a garden backdrop.
  19. Count Duckula: A duck-inspired version of the classic vampire Count Dracula, adding a whimsical touch to a spooky character.
  20. Ghostbuster Bride: A combination of a Ghostbuster and a bride, ideal for those looking for a paranormal twist on wedding attire.
  21. Hocus Pocus Physician: Blending magic and medicine, creating a mystical doctor costume perfect for Halloween.
  22. Werewolf in Sheep’s Clothing: A werewolf disguised as a fluffy sheep, playing on the classic idiom in a Halloween context.
  23. Candy Corn Artist: A painter or artist covered in candy corn colors, adding a sweet and colorful twist to an artistic costume.
  24. Ghastly Groomzilla: A spooky and controlling groom, perfect for a Halloween-themed wedding or a play on the term “bridezilla.”
  25. Fairy Godmonster: A blend of a fairy godmother and a monster, merging magic and spookiness in one whimsical costume.
  26. Wickedly Ever After: A wicked version of a fairy tale character, showcasing a darker side to classic stories.
  27. Haunted Chef: A spooky chef with ghostly ingredients and a haunted kitchen, perfect for a culinary-themed Halloween.
  28. Mummy Matador: A mummy in a bullfighter’s attire, creating a unique combination of the ancient and the dramatic.
  29. Mad Scientist Beekeeper: A scientist with a beekeeping twist, blending intellect with a touch of whimsy and danger.
  30. Zombie Mermaid: A terrifying yet enchanting combination of a mermaid and a zombie for a hauntingly beautiful costume.
  31. Creepy Cupid: A spooky version of the love-inducing Cupid, perfect for those seeking a twist on romantic figures.
  32. Skele-tourist: A skeleton in tourist attire, complete with a camera and vacation accessories for a humorous ensemble.
  33. Pumpkin Spice Invader: A playful take on the invasion of pumpkin spice, creating a whimsical yet seasonal costume.
  34. Mummy Rap Star: A mummy with a passion for hip-hop and rap culture, mixing ancient and modern influences.
  35. Ghoulish Gardener: A spooky take on a gardener, incorporating ghostly elements into a traditionally peaceful role.
  36. Witchy Warden: A witch in charge of mystical prisons, blending magical powers with a sense of authority.
  37. Zom-beachgoer: A zombie dressed for a day at the beach, creating a quirky and unexpected Halloween costume.
  38. Voodoo Veterinarian: Merging voodoo practices with animal care, resulting in a mystical veterinarian character.
  39. Haunted Hiker: A ghostly version of a hiker, featuring eerie hiking gear and an otherworldly vibe.
  40. Goblin Gangster: A mischievous goblin with a gangster twist, combining two unlikely worlds in one costume.
  41. Pirate Parody: A comedic take on a pirate, incorporating exaggerated pirate stereotypes for a humorous effect.
  42. Mad Hatter Mime: A combination of the Mad Hatter from “Alice in Wonderland” and the silent art of miming for a unique ensemble.
  43. Disco Diva Dracula: A disco-inspired Dracula, blending vampire allure with funky disco fashion for a groovy Halloween look.
  44. Ninja Nutcracker: A stealthy ninja in a nutcracker-themed outfit, merging martial arts with holiday cheer.
  45. Witchy Wrestler: A wrestler with a witchy twist, showcasing strength and magic in one powerful costume.
  46. Mummy Magician: A mummy with a flair for magic, combining ancient mystique with the art of illusion.
  47. Zombie Zookeeper: A zookeeper turned zombie, incorporating animal-related elements into a spooky costume.
  48. Vampire Viking: A vampire warrior with Viking influences, creating a fearsome yet intriguing character.
  49. Ghoulish Golfer: A ghostly golfer, complete with haunted golf clubs and an otherworldly golf course vibe.
  50. Skeleton Sushi Chef: A skeletal chef creating sushi, blending culinary skills with a macabre twist for a unique costume.

Each of these names aims to bring laughter and creativity to Halloween celebrations, offering a blend of spooky, humorous, and unexpected costume ideas for a memorable and enjoyable holiday!

Fun Names for Halloween

  1. Boo-tiful Ballerina
  2. Candy Reaper
  3. The Wicked Jester
  4. Ghoulie Gangster
  5. Pumpkin Picasso
  6. Trickster Trekkie
  7. Fang-tastic Fairy
  8. Mummy Magician
  9. Giggling Ghostbuster
  10. Witchy Wordsmith
  11. Creepy Cupcake
  12. Spooky Sushi Chef
  13. Goblin Glamper
  14. Pirate Poet
  15. Zombie Zookeeper
  16. Vampire Violinist
  17. Hocus Pocus Hiker
  18. Skele-tour Guide
  19. Haunted Handyman
  20. Boo-tique Model

Thrilling Names for Halloween

  1. Midnight Marauder
  2. Spectral Siren
  3. Shadow Stalker
  4. Haunting Harbinger
  5. Eerie Enigma
  6. Phantom Fiend
  7. Cryptic Conjurer
  8. Nightfall Nomad
  9. Macabre Maven
  10. Dreadful Drifter
  11. Sinister Seraph
  12. Wraith Wanderer
  13. Malevolent Mirage
  14. Chilling Charmer
  15. Ghostly Guardian
  16. Creeping Cryptkeeper
  17. Spine-tingling Sorcerer
  18. Mysterious Maven
  19. Bone-chilling Bard
  20. Nocturnal Nomad

Hilarious Names for Halloween

  1. Chuckles the Pumpkin King
  2. Wacky Witchetty
  3. Count Chuckleula
  4. Frank N. Stein
  5. Boo Boo Bumbler
  6. The Joking Jinx
  7. Giggles McGhostface
  8. Sir Laughs-A-Lot
  9. Dr. Howl-arious
  10. Captain Guffaw
  11. Witchy Witster
  12. The Hilarious Haunt
  13. Zany Zombie Zapper
  14. The Mirthful Mummy
  15. Laughing Lycanthrope
  16. Giggling Ghoul
  17. Quirky Quipster
  18. Jester Jinx
  19. Chuckling Chupacabra
  20. The Snickering Specter

Funny Name Suggestions for Halloween

  1. Boo Boo Berry
  2. Chucklestein
  3. Count Crunchula
  4. Frankenfunny
  5. Ghoulfriend Gary
  6. Jokester Jack-o-Lantern
  7. Laughtergeist Larry
  8. Punny Pumpkin Pete
  9. Silly Specter Steve
  10. Trick-or-Teehee
  11. Wacky Witchy Wendy
  12. Ha-Ha Howler
  13. Chuckle Chupacabra
  14. Hilarious Howl-o
  15. Giggles the Ghost
  16. Jesterly Jack
  17. Whimsical Wanda Witch
  18. Punsy the Poltergeist
  19. Zany Zombie Zoe
  20. Guffawing Ghoulfred

Halloween Funny Name Ideas

  1. Creepy Chuckles
  2. Hauntastic Hilarity
  3. Ghoul-arious Giggles
  4. Boo-larious Bob
  5. Spooky Snickers
  6. Wacky Witchetty
  7. Chuckleween Charlie
  8. Hilarious Hauntress
  9. Laughter Reaper
  10. Trickster Tickles
  11. Giggly Ghostie
  12. Jocular Jack-o-Lantern
  13. Punny Poltergeist
  14. Chuckling Cauldron
  15. Witty Werewolf
  16. Jesting Jinx
  17. Laughing Lycan
  18. Giggling Goblin
  19. Chucklegeist
  20. Whimsical Witchery


This Halloween, break away from the ordinary and embrace the hilariously unconventional with these funny costume names. Whether you’re trick-or-treating, attending a costume party, or simply looking to bring some laughter to the season, these witty and funny names for Halloween are sure to make your Halloween a memorable one!

Remember, the key is to have fun, be creative, and let your imagination run wild as you bring these funny costume names to life!


How can I create my own funny Halloween costume name?

Get creative! Consider combining elements from different themes, movies, or characters. Play with puns, wordplay, and pop culture references to craft a unique and humorous name.

Are these costume ideas suitable for all ages?

Absolutely! These funny names can be adapted for various age groups, ensuring everyone can enjoy a good laugh on Halloween.

Can I mix and match these costume ideas?

Yes, feel free to mix elements from different costume ideas to create a personalized and even more hilarious ensemble.

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