Funny Names for Dachshunds

Dachshunds, with their endearing sausage-like bodies and spirited personalities, have a knack for stealing hearts. Beyond their adorable appearance, choosing the perfect funny names for dachshunds can be both fun and reflective of their quirky charm.

Whether you’re looking for a moniker that’s punny, quirky, or downright hilarious, we’ve compiled a list of chuckle-inducing funny names for dachshunds for your beloved four-legged friend.

500+ Funny Names for Dachshunds (Awesome & Catchy Ideas)

  1. Frankie: Short for Frankfurter, a nod to the Dachshund’s origin in Germany.
  2. Slinky: Referencing the slinky toy due to the breed’s long body.
  3. Sir Barksalot: For the Dachshund who loves to voice their opinions.
  4. Furry Potter: A magical name for a wizardly pup.
  5. Doxie-Doodle: A playful combination of Dachshund and doodle.
  6. Hotdogger: A fun twist on the Dachshund’s resemblance to a hot dog.
  7. Sausage: A cute and straightforward nod to their shape.
  8. Beanie Weenie: A playful take on the classic dish.
  9. Fuzz Lightyear: To infinity and beyond in the world of cuteness!
  10. Wiggles: Perfect for a Dachshund that wiggles with excitement.
  11. Doxie Lama: A wise and serene name for a peaceful pup.
  12. Paws Malone: For a Dachshund with a mysterious air.
  13. Frankenstein: A quirky name for your little monster.
  14. Pennywise: For the Dachshund that always gets what they want.
  15. Noodle: A fun name that reflects their long, slender bodies.
  16. Waldo: Because sometimes finding your Dachshund is a bit of a game.
  17. Snickerdoodle: A sweet and playful name for your furry friend.
  18. Oscar Mayer: A nod to the famous hot dog brand.
  19. Pickle: Perfect for a Dachshund with a tangy personality.
  20. Doxzilla: A fun, larger-than-life name for a tiny pup.
  21. Frito: Inspired by the popular corn chip snack.
  22. Tater Tot: Adorable and delicious, just like your pup.
  23. Furricane: For the whirlwind of energy that is your Dachshund.
  24. Quirkie: Reflecting their quirky and unique personality.
  25. Doxie Dynamite: Explosively fun and energetic.
  26. Peanut: Perfect for a small but mighty Dachshund.
  27. Banana Split: Because who doesn’t love a sweet treat?
  28. Wigglebutt: When their little tail never stops wagging!
  29. Chewie: A nod to Chewbacca for the furry Star Wars fan.
  30. Slinky Dog: A playful reference to the character from “Toy Story.”
  31. Marshmallow: Sweet, soft, and oh-so-cute!
  32. Doxie-Dash: Speedy and agile, just like their namesake.
  33. Cupcake: A deliciously adorable name for your pup.
  34. Doxie-Dazzle: Always shining bright with personality.
  35. Squiggle: A fun name for a wiggly Dachshund.
  36. Jellybean: Sweet and colorful, just like your furry friend.
  37. Biscuit: Simple, classic, and oh-so-sweet.
  38. Ziggy: Perfect for a Dachshund with a quirky streak.
  39. Taco: Because your Dachshund is the perfect little package.
  40. Doxie-Doodlebug: Playful and full of energy.
  41. Butterball: For a Dachshund that melts your heart.
  42. Muffin: A deliciously cute name for your furry buddy.
  43. Doxie-Dazzler: Always shining bright with personality.
  44. Pogo: Short for pogo stick, because they’re always bouncing around!
  45. Mischief: For the Dachshund that always keeps you on your toes.
  46. Twix: Sweet and delightful, just like the candy bar.
  47. Doxie-Dazzlebug: A bug-sized bundle of energy and charm.
  48. Pumpkin: Perfect for an adorable and cuddly Dachshund.
  49. Gizmo: Adorable, quirky, and full of surprises.
  50. Doxie-Dynamo: Full of energy and spark, just like a dynamo.

Feel free to mix and match or choose the funny names for dachshunds that best suit your Dachshund’s personality!

Hilarious Names for Dachshunds

  1. Sir Wigglebottom: For a Dachshund with an extra wiggly backside.
  2. Sausage McMuffin: A playful nod to both fast food and their shape.
  3. Furball Fiasco: Perfect for the mischievous troublemaker.
  4. Baron von Barkington: An aristocratic name for a regal pup.
  5. Doxie-Doodle Dandy: Full of doodles and dandyism!
  6. Squirmington: Always wriggling and squirming into mischief.
  7. Pawsanova: A smooth operator with the ladies.
  8. Doxie Dervish: Spinning around with excitement and energy.
  9. Sergeant Snuggles: Tough on cuteness, soft on snuggles.
  10. Wigglemeister: Master of the wiggle, ruler of hearts.
  11. Doxie McSnugglebutt: Just too cute for words.
  12. Professor Borkenstein: Conducting experiments in adorableness.
  13. Waddles: When their walk is more of a waddle.
  14. Captain Cuddlebug: Always ready to set sail into cuddle territory.
  15. Barkley McBarkface: Because they’re never shy about voicing opinions.
  16. Doxie-Dizzy: Spinning with excitement and joy.
  17. Lord Sniffington: With a nose for royal scents.
  18. Curly Q: Perfect for their adorable curly tail.
  19. Doxie-Dyno-Mite: Explosively funny and cute.
  20. Snickersneeze: The Dachshund that can make you snicker and sneeze with laughter.

Feel free to pick one that best matches your Dachshund’s personality or mix and match elements from different funny names for dachshunds for an extra dose of hilarity!

Funny Names for Dachshund Suggesions

  1. Furrito: A furry twist on the classic burrito.
  2. Wiggleworm: Perfect for the wiggliest of pups.
  3. Bark Vader: The force is strong with this one.
  4. Doxie Doodlebug: Tiny and full of zest like a little bug.
  5. Snuggle Nugget: Small, adorable, and oh-so-snuggly.
  6. Doxie Diablo: A mischievous little devil.
  7. Cocoa Puff: Sweet, fluffy, and irresistible.
  8. Paws McSniffles: Always exploring with a curious nose.
  9. Doxie Doodle-Doo: Wake up to the cuteness every morning!
  10. Banana Peel: For the pup who’s always slipping into antics.
  11. Noodle Doodle: Quirky and full of doodles of fun.
  12. Barkley Quinn: The mischievous jester of the dog world.
  13. Snickersnoot: That adorable nose just begs for boops!
  14. Doxie Doodle-Dandy: A dapper little friend.
  15. Squishy Squiggle: Too cute and squishy to resist.
  16. Pickle Paws: Spicy, tangy, and full of pep.
  17. Doxie Doodlebug: A tiny bug-sized bundle of joy.
  18. Waffle Whiskers: Sweet and covered in adorable fur.
  19. Sir Barks-A-Lot: Because silence is overrated!
  20. Biscuit Bopper: Always bouncing around like a playful biscuit.

Choose the one that tickles your funny bone the most or combine elements from different funny names for dachshunds to create your own unique, hilarious title for your beloved Dachshund!

Laugh Out Funny Names for Dachshunds

  1. Wigglebottom McSausage: When your dog’s movements and shape just beg for a funny name.
  2. Doxie DeVille: Cruising through life in style, just like a Cadillac.
  3. Baron von Wigglesworth: For the Dachshund with an aristocratic air and a wiggly charm.
  4. Sir Loin: Because your Dachshund is a true sir and a beefy delight.
  5. Furball Flapjack: A fluffy, pancake-shaped delight of a dog.
  6. Doxie Doodle-icious: So deliciously cute, it’s hard to resist.
  7. Sausage Supreme: The top dog in the world of sausages!
  8. Wiggleberry: Making life wigglier and more berry-ful.
  9. Captain Snugglepants: Always ready for a snuggle mission.
  10. Doxie Doodle-doo Zappity: Full of zaps of energy and cuteness.
  11. Biscuit Bumbershoot: Bringing joy on even the rainiest days.
  12. Squiggle McWigglebutt: The name says it all – a wiggly wonder!
  13. Baron Bounce-a-lot: Never walks when you can bounce!
  14. Professor Wigglekins: An academic in the field of wiggles and cuddles.
  15. Doxie Dynamuffin: Explosively cute and cuddly!
  16. Sergeant Snugglepaws: Ready to snuggle on command.
  17. Wigglestein: A mad scientist when it comes to wiggles.
  18. Doxie Doodle-nator: Master of doodles and all things cute.
  19. Biscuit Bumblewiggle: A buzzing ball of wiggles and charm.
  20. Sir Bark-a-lot Bellywiggle: A noble name for a wiggly belly!

Feel free to mix and match elements or let these funny names for dachshunds inspire you to create the perfect laugh-inducing name for your Dachshund!

Funny Names for Dachshund Ideas

  1. Sir Wigglesworth: Because every step is a dance.
  2. Doxie Doodlebug: A tiny bug-sized bundle of joy.
  3. Paws T. Dach: The canine version of a famous detective.
  4. Fuzz Nugget: Small, cuddly, and oh-so-fuzzy.
  5. Baron von Biscuit: An aristocratic title for a treat-loving pup.
  6. Silly Sausage: Embracing the goofiness in every wiggle.
  7. Doxie McSnuggles: Ready to snuggle at a moment’s notice.
  8. Wigglemeister: Master of the wiggle, ruler of hearts.
  9. Captain Cuddlebug: Always ready to set sail into cuddle territory.
  10. Bark Twain: Scribbling tales of doggy adventures.
  11. Slinky McWaggle: Moving through life with a unique bounce.
  12. Furball Fandango: Dancing through life on four furry paws.
  13. Sir Sniffs-a-lot: The noblest sniffer in the land.
  14. Doxie Doodle-Doo: Wake up to the cuteness every morning!
  15. Biscuit Brigade General: Leading the troops to treats!
  16. Snickerdoodle Snoot: A nose that’s sweet and fun.
  17. Squigglesworth: Bringing laughter with every twist and turn.
  18. Pickle Paws: Spicy, tangy, and full of pep.
  19. Waffle Whiskers: Sweet and covered in adorable fur.
  20. Sergeant Snugglepants: Always ready for snuggle duty.

Choose the funny names for dachshunds that resonate most with your Dachshund’s personality or mix and match elements to create a one-of-a-kind, hilarious title for your furry companion!


Choosing funny names for dachshunds should be a delightful experience that reflects their playful nature. Whether it’s a pun, a pop culture reference, or a food-inspired moniker, the best name is the one that brings joy to both you and your beloved pet.


Will a funny name affect my Dachshund’s behavior?

Not at all! Dachshunds are incredibly adaptable and will respond to any name given with love and care.

What if my Dachshund doesn’t respond to the name I choose?

Patience is key! Dachshunds, like any dog, might take time to recognize and respond to their name. Consistent positive reinforcement and using their name frequently can help them learn.

Are there any names that might confuse my Dachshund?

Avoid names that sound too similar to common commands (“sit,” “stay,” “no”) to prevent confusion during training.

Can I change my Dachshund’s name later on?

Certainly! Dogs are adaptable, and with consistent use and positive association, they can learn a new name quite easily.

How do I know if a name suits my Dachshund?

Observe your pup’s personality, quirks, and behaviors. A name that brings a smile to your face and feels fitting for your furry friend is likely the perfect choice.

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