Funny Drag Queen Names

In the vibrant world of drag culture, the art of choosing a name is as crucial as the performance itself. Drag queens, with their flamboyant personas, often sport funny drag queen names that are witty, pun-filled, and downright hilarious.

These funny drag queen names aren’t just random; they’re carefully crafted to embody a persona, provoke laughter, and sometimes make a powerful statement.

Let’s delve into the fascinating universe of funny drag queen names, exploring their origin, significance, and some of the most uproarious examples that have taken the drag scene by storm.

500+ Funny Drag Queen Names (Awesome & Catchy Ideas)

  1. Anita B. Hoagie – A nod to the beloved sandwich, with a cheeky twist.
  2. Belle Bottoms – Conjuring images of vintage glamour and, well, bottoms!
  3. Carrie Oakey – A play on “karaoke,” perfect for a singing sensation.
  4. Dolly Pardon – A homage to the iconic country singer, Dolly Parton.
  5. Ella Vata – Pronounced like “elevate her,” a name that suggests rising above.
  6. Fonda Dix – A playful take on “fondle this,” dripping with innuendo.
  7. Glitterati Galore – Evoking the glamorous world of glitter and extravagance.
  8. Holly Woodland – A fusion of Hollywood and the magical allure of nature.
  9. Ima Pigg – A tongue-in-cheek name that’s hard to forget.
  10. Jemima Breaks – Alluding to both the syrup brand and a fierce diva persona.
  11. Kandi Kane – A sweet and alliterative name that’s visually delightful.
  12. Lady Bitsy – A name that’s both dainty and humorously suggestive.
  13. Mona Lott – A play on “moan a lot,” with a humorous undertone.
  14. Nomi Malone – Inspired by the lead character in the film “Showgirls.”
  15. Ophelia Payne – A name that hints at drama and intensity.
  16. Penny Tration – Playing on “penetration,” with a touch of humor.
  17. Queen LaQueefa – A name that’s bold, sassy, and impossible to ignore.
  18. Roxie Hartless – A mix of Roxie Hart from “Chicago” and a hint of heartlessness.
  19. Sasha Frass – A pun on “sashay” and a touch of sassiness.
  20. Tia Wanna – Conjuring images of a tropical escape and a play on “te quiero” (I want you).
  21. Uma Mann – A play on “you demand,” asserting power and presence.
  22. Venus Envy – Reflecting both beauty and a bit of cheeky jealousy.
  23. Willa Crotchett – A name that’s both elegant and humorously risqué.
  24. Xena Paragon – A warrior-like name with a touch of superiority.
  25. Yvette Toilette – A pun on “eau de toilette” with a hint of bathroom humor.
  26. Zara Feena – Conjuring a sense of extravagance and sophistication.
  27. Anita Cocktail – A blend of sophistication and the joy of a good drink.
  28. Barbie Q. – A playful spin on the famous doll and barbecue.
  29. Crystal Ballz – Combining mysticism with a dose of humor.
  30. Donna Rhea – A name that hints at the beauty of nature and flight.
  31. Edna Mode – Inspired by the iconic character from “The Incredibles.”
  32. Fanny Pack – A humorous nod to a practical accessory and cheeky wordplay.
  33. Ginger Snaps – Combining a classic cookie with fiery spirit.
  34. Hilda Hartburn – Conjuring images of both love and a fiery passion.
  35. Inez Rection – A name that’s bold and playfully suggestive.
  36. Judy Garlandia – A tribute to the legendary Judy Garland.
  37. Kitty Glitter – Reflecting sparkle and feline grace.
  38. Lulu Lemondrop – A sweet and sassy name with a citrusy twist.
  39. Mimi Imfurst – A name that’s both glamorous and confidently unique.
  40. Nova Caine – A celestial name with a touch of numbness (caine).
  41. Oprah Windfury – A blend of Oprah Winfrey and a stormy presence.
  42. Paris Prance – Evoking images of glamour and a dance-filled city.
  43. Queen Bee-atch – A play on “queen bee” with a humorous twist.
  44. Ruby Dazzle – Reflecting both preciousness and a dazzling presence.
  45. Scarlett O’Plenty – Conjuring images of abundance and a touch of drama.
  46. Tilda Swinton – An homage to the acclaimed actress with a drag twist.
  47. Ursula Major – A cosmic-inspired name with a nod to a formidable persona.
  48. Vicky Vice – A name that’s playful and slightly mischievous.
  49. Whitney GucciGoo – Blending two iconic names for a touch of extravagance.
  50. Xandra Poodle – A name that’s playful and visually intriguing.

Each of these funny drag queen names carries its own unique charm, mixing humor, wordplay, and pop culture references to create personas that captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression in the vibrant world of drag.

Funny Drag Queen Name Suggestion

  1. Missy Mischief
  2. Glinda Goodgiggle
  3. Mystique Laughs
  4. Betty Bubbly
  5. Duchess of Sassitude
  6. Lady Jesterella
  7. Candy d’Amuse
  8. Madam Wittykins
  9. Duchess von Chuckles
  10. Lady Gigglesworth
  11. Madame Jestique
  12. Duchess de HaHa
  13. Sassy McSassface
  14. Miss Laughterlicious
  15. Madame Humorosa
  16. Giggly Galore
  17. Queen Quipster
  18. Lady Jokesterella
  19. Miss Chuckleberry
  20. Duchess Quirktastic
  21. Countess Chortle
  22. Lady Jestine
  23. Madame Wittywoo
  24. Guffaw Gal
  25. Duchess of Delights
  26. Lady Joculara
  27. Miss ChortleChic
  28. Madame Whimsy
  29. Sassy Gigglepuff
  30. Duchess of Drollery
  31. Lady Chucklesmith
  32. Miss Mirthful Maven
  33. Giggles McGee
  34. Duchess Whimsicality
  35. Lady Laughalot
  36. Countess Witworth
  37. Miss Snickerlicious
  38. Madame Chortlequeen
  39. Sassy Quipsy
  40. Duchess of Giggleswick
  41. Lady Jesterina
  42. Miss WittyWhirl
  43. Madame Chuckleberry
  44. Sassy Laughternova
  45. Duchess of Joviality
  46. Lady Gigglypuff
  47. Miss Jokesterella
  48. Madame Quipperella
  49. Sassy Snickerdoodle
  50. Duchess Laughalicious

These funny drag queen names are designed to bring a smile and capture the essence of humor, wit, and whimsy in the world of drag!

Laugh Out Drag Queen Names

  1. Chuckles McSparkle
  2. Giggles VonGlam
  3. Laughter Luxe
  4. Snickerella Stardust
  5. Witty Whirlwind
  6. Humor Duchess
  7. Jester Jubilee
  8. Quipster Quasar
  9. Laughlin Lovegood
  10. Jestina Royale
  11. Chortle Charmaine
  12. Witfire Diva
  13. Guffaw Goddess
  14. Chuckling Cherub
  15. Snickerlicious Supreme
  16. Giggly Glamourama
  17. Jocular Jinx
  18. Laughsy Luminosity
  19. Quirky Quipperina
  20. Chuckleberry Couture
  21. Grin Galore
  22. Hilaria Hilarity
  23. Witty Whimsy Queen
  24. Jesterella Joyride
  25. Gigglephoria
  26. Chuckle Charm
  27. Laughing LaRoux
  28. Witwave Wonder
  29. Guffaw Grande
  30. Snicker Siren
  31. Joviality Jewel
  32. Chortle Charmette
  33. Laughing Ladybug
  34. Witworth Whimsy
  35. Gigglesworth Glam
  36. Chuckle Chanteuse
  37. Quirkabella
  38. Laughter Lyric
  39. Jestful Gem
  40. Snicker Sparkle
  41. Grinny Glitterati
  42. Hilarity Highness
  43. Jocularity Jazz
  44. Chuckles Chiffon
  45. Gigglemaestro
  46. Witful Whirlwind
  47. Laughternova Lady
  48. Jesterina Jubilation
  49. Snickerific Stardust
  50. Chuckle Couture

May these funny drag queen names be the perfect mix of mirth and glamour for any fabulous drag persona!

Funny Drag Queen Name Ideas

  1. Rita Laughsalot
  2. Fanny Fantastic
  3. Glitz ‘n’ Giggles
  4. Queenie Quipster
  5. Sassy Chuckleberry
  6. Diva Drollery
  7. Laughlin Lavender
  8. Witty Whiplash
  9. Chuckle Belle
  10. Madame Mirthquake
  11. Giggles Galorella
  12. Bella Bellowitz
  13. Quipsterina Royale
  14. Snickerlicious Divina
  15. Miss Gigglypuff
  16. Joviality Jones
  17. Charmaine Chucklebum
  18. Giggling Glamazon
  19. Jestina Jamboree
  20. Hilarity Haze
  21. Wanda Wisecrack
  22. Giggle Gleam
  23. Lulu Laughalot
  24. Chortle Charmaine
  25. Witney Whimsy
  26. ChuckleChic Chantelle
  27. Sassy Snickerdoodle
  28. Diva of Delight
  29. Jestful Jewel
  30. Laughalicious Diva
  31. Guffaw Goddess
  32. Jesterella Jive
  33. Giggle Glitz
  34. Queen Quirkington
  35. Snickerella Sashay
  36. Dazzle ‘n’ Chuckle
  37. Giggly Glimmer
  38. Chucklephoria
  39. Laughter Luxuria
  40. Witty Willow
  41. Madame Mirthful
  42. Jocularity Jive
  43. Guffaw Glamour
  44. Chortle Chanteuse
  45. Bella Bouncewit
  46. Laughing Luminosity
  47. Jestful Juniper
  48. Glitz ‘n’ Grin
  49. Giggles ‘n’ Glitter
  50. Jester Joyride

These funny drag queen names are designed to sparkle and amuse, perfect for any drag queen looking to bring joy and laughter to the stage!


Funny drag queen names are an integral part of drag culture, showcasing the creativity, humor, and individuality of performers. These funny drag queen names not only entertain but also challenge norms and celebrate self-expression.

As the drag scene continues to evolve, so too will the names, ensuring a continuous flow of laughter and inspiration in this colorful and dynamic art form.

Whether it’s a clever pun or a cultural reference, funny drag queen names serve as a testament to the boundless creativity within the drag community, captivating audiences worldwide with their charm and wit.


How do drag queens come up with their names?

Drag queens often draw inspiration from various sources, including wordplay, personal experiences, pop culture references, and puns. The goal is to create a name that resonates with their persona and entertains the audience.

Can anyone become a drag queen?

Absolutely! Drag is an inclusive art form open to anyone regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation. All it takes is creativity, passion, and a love for performance.

Are funny drag queen names offensive?

While some names may push boundaries or play with controversial themes, the intent is usually to entertain rather than offend. However, individual perceptions of humor vary, so what one person finds funny, another might find offensive. Drag culture encourages respect and celebrates diversity, aiming to entertain while promoting inclusivity.

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