Funny Black Cat Names

Black cats have an air of mystery and charm that often captivates our hearts. Choosing the right funny black cat names for your ebony feline friend can be both delightful and challenging. If you’re seeking a touch of humor and whimsy, look no further!

We’ve compiled a list of uproarious and funny black cat names that will have you giggling with delight.

500+ Funny Black Cat Names (Awesome & Catchy Ideas)

  1. Midnight Snack: Perfect for a cat who loves to eat, especially at midnight.
  2. Purrlock Holmes: A detective cat who loves to solve mysteries around the house.
  3. Catastrophe: Because sometimes, they just can’t avoid creating chaos.
  4. Whiskey: A playful twist on “whiskers,” ideal for a cat with long, elegant whiskers.
  5. Boo Berry: For the cat who’s a bit spooky but sweet like a blueberry.
  6. Salem: A nod to the famous black cat from “Sabrina the Teenage Witch.”
  7. Furrnando: Perfect for a cat who’s a smooth operator with other feline friends.
  8. Ninja: A stealthy and agile black cat who moves like a shadow.
  9. Inkwell: A sophisticated name for a cat that looks as dark as spilled ink.
  10. Paw-drey Hepburn: A classy and elegant name for a sophisticated kitty.
  11. Snickers: For the cat who loves to make you laugh with their antics.
  12. Cinderella: A twist on the classic character for your elegant black cat.
  13. Whiskerlicker: Because this cat can’t resist a good grooming session.
  14. Count Catula: A spooky yet hilarious name for your vampire-esque feline.
  15. Velvet: Perfect for a cat whose fur is as soft and luxurious as velvet.
  16. Sir Scratch-a-lot: Because this cat just can’t resist a good scratching post.
  17. Morticia: Named after the matriarch from “The Addams Family.”
  18. Chaos: Ideal for a mischievous cat who creates disorder wherever they go.
  19. Licorice: A sweet name for a black cat with a playful personality.
  20. Fuzzy McSnuggles: For the cat who loves cuddles and warmth.
  21. Nocturne: A sophisticated name for a cat who loves the night.
  22. Whiskerfella: A suave and charming name for a debonair cat.
  23. Onyx: A sleek and stylish name inspired by the gemstone.
  24. Miss Mischief: Perfect for a playful and cunning female cat.
  25. Soot: A cute and simple name for a charcoal-colored cat.
  26. Tuxedo Mask: Ideal for a cat with distinct markings resembling a tuxedo.
  27. Binx: A reference to the black cat from “Hocus Pocus.”
  28. Witchetty: A playful nod to witches and black cats’ associations.
  29. Velcro: For a clingy cat who always sticks close by.
  30. Panthera: Inspired by the majestic black panther.
  31. Mystique: Ideal for a cat with an air of mystery and elegance.
  32. Charcoal: A straightforward and descriptive name for a dark-colored cat.
  33. Meowdonna: A diva-like name for a cat with a lot of personality.
  34. Shady: Perfect for a cat who loves to hide and lurk in the shadows.
  35. Ebony: A sophisticated and elegant name inspired by black wood.
  36. Catastrophe Jones: Because this cat always finds themselves in some sort of trouble.
  37. Velma Claws: A clever name for a curious and investigative cat.
  38. Grimalkin: An old-fashioned term for a cat, perfect for a regal black feline.
  39. Mortimer: A dignified name with a touch of humor for your cat.
  40. Stardust: For a cat whose fur seems to shimmer like the night sky.
  41. Whiskey Sour: Ideal for a playful and slightly mischievous cat.
  42. Obsidian: A strong and mystical name inspired by volcanic glass.
  43. Furricane: Because this cat’s energy level is like a whirlwind.
  44. Licorice Twist: A sweet and playful name for a fun-loving cat.
  45. Noir: A stylish and sophisticated name, meaning “black” in French.
  46. Snaggletooth: For a cat with a charmingly crooked tooth.
  47. Jinx: Perfect for a cat who seems to bring a bit of bad luck in a funny way.
  48. Nebula: Inspired by celestial beauty, ideal for a mysterious black cat.
  49. Charcoal Smudge: A descriptive and cute name for a charcoal-colored kitty.
  50. Bella Luna: Because your beautiful black cat shines like the moon.

These funny black cat names are all about celebrating your black cat’s unique personality and bringing a smile to your face whenever you call out their name!

Funny Black Cat Name Suggestions

  1. Whiskerina
  2. Purrlock Holmes
  3. Soots and Giggles
  4. Boo Boo Kitty
  5. Sir Pounce-a-lot
  6. Meowcolm X
  7. Furrball McGraw
  8. Count Catula
  9. Miss Whiskerbottom
  10. Catrick Swayze
  11. Midnight Mischief
  12. Whiskey Sour
  13. Catastrophe Jones
  14. Purrfectly Noir
  15. Morticia Meow
  16. Inky Doodle
  17. Whiskey Whiskers

Fun Black Cat Names

  1. Shadow
  2. Midnight
  3. Licorice
  4. Panther
  5. Spooky
  6. Eclipse
  7. Onyx
  8. Salem
  9. Noir
  10. Luna
  11. Raven
  12. Jinx
  13. Coal
  14. Thunder
  15. Stormy
  16. Eclipse
  17. Twilight
  18. Zorro
  19. Magic
  20. Domino

Black Cat Funny Names

  1. Sir Scratch-a-lot
  2. Whiskerlicker
  3. Mr. Meowgi
  4. Fuzz Lightyear
  5. Captain Whiskerbeard
  6. Meow-Zedong
  7. Chairman Meow
  8. Purrlock Combs
  9. Count Fluffula
  10. Meowton John
  11. Catniss Everclean
  12. Whiskerface
  13. Paws Malone
  14. Clawdia
  15. Kitty McBitey
  16. Sir Purr-a-lot
  17. Catrick Stewart
  18. Baron von Meowhausen
  19. Meowlexander Hamilton
  20. Whisker-Dooodle

Hilarious Black Cat Names

  1. Whiskerina Wobblepants
  2. Meowchacho
  3. Sir Purrington the Third
  4. Count Furrnando
  5. Miss Kitty McSassy
  6. Fuzzy McBiteyface
  7. Meowcolm Catwell
  8. Duchess Fluffernutter
  9. Lord Pawsbury
  10. Captain Whiskerbeard
  11. Chairman Meow
  12. Meowzart
  13. Whiskerfella
  14. Purrlock Combs
  15. Sir Scratch-a-lot
  16. Queen Purrcilla
  17. Fuzzy McBiteyface
  18. Purrlock Holmes
  19. Sir Pounce-a-lot
  20. Meow-Zedong

Funny Black Cat Name Ideas

  1. Whiskerina Wobblebottom
  2. Sir Pounce-a-lot
  3. Meowchacho
  4. Furrball McGraw
  5. Purrlock Holmes
  6. Miss Whiskerpants
  7. Chairman Meow
  8. Duchess Snugglepaws
  9. Lord Fluffington
  10. Captain Whiskerbeard
  11. Sir Meowsalot
  12. Count Furrnando
  13. Purrfectly Pawsome
  14. Whiskerzilla
  15. Meowcolm X
  16. Lady Fluffykins
  17. Whiskerfella
  18. Meowsterious
  19. Fuzzbert von Whiskerstein
  20. Sir Pawsworth


Selecting a funny name for your black cat can add an extra dash of joy to your feline companion’s identity. Whether it’s a pun, a play on words, or a nod to popular culture, let your creativity flow and choose funny black cat names that resonate with both you and your cat’s purrsonality!

Remember, the best name is one that brings a smile to your face every time you call it out. Happy naming!


How do I choose the perfect funny name for my black cat?

Consider your cat’s personality, quirks, and behaviors. Play around with puns, pop culture references, or ironic names that match your cat’s uniqueness.

Will a funny name affect my cat’s behavior?

Not at all! Cats respond more to tones and consistency in their names rather than the actual name itself. A funny name adds charm without impacting their behavior.

Can I change my cat’s name if I’ve already named them?

Absolutely! Cats are adaptable, and with patience and consistency, they can learn a new name. Use treats and positive reinforcement to help them adjust.

Are there any names to avoid?

While humor is great, ensure the name isn’t offensive or disrespectful. It’s also advisable to avoid names that sound too similar to common commands to prevent confusion.

How can I introduce my cat with a funny name to others?

Embrace the humor! Share anecdotes or stories about why you chose that particular name. Most people appreciate a good laugh and will enjoy the cleverness behind your cat’s name.

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