Funny Black Car Names

Are you ready to dive into the whimsical universe of automotive creativity? Black cars exude a certain sleekness and sophistication, but when paired with amusing or offbeat funny black car names, they take on a whole new personality.

Buckle up as we explore the realm of funny black car names that add a dash of humor to the roads.

500+ Funny Black Car Names (Awesome & Catchy Ideas)

  1. Shadow Dancer – For a car that glides smoothly on the road, almost dancing in the shadows.
  2. Midnight Marvel – Evoking a sense of wonder and awe, perfect for a sleek black vehicle.
  3. Inky Elegance – Blending the sophistication of ink with the refined elegance of the car.
  4. Carbon Cruiser – Signifying strength and durability, inspired by carbon’s resilience.
  5. Gothic Glide – A name that combines dark aesthetics with the effortless movement of the car.
  6. Raven Rider – Channeling the intelligence and mystique of a raven as it rides along.
  7. Black Pearl – A nod to the mysterious and precious nature of a black pearl.
  8. Sable Speedster – Suggesting both speed and the rich color of sable fur.
  9. Obsidian Odyssey – A journey filled with intrigue and dark beauty.
  10. Nightfall Navigator – Guiding through the night with elegance and precision.
  11. Phantom Fury – Conjuring images of an unstoppable force, hidden yet powerful.
  12. Noir Novella – A name that tells a dark and captivating story on wheels.
  13. Ebon Echo – Resonating with a deep, reverberating presence on the road.
  14. Stealth Stallion – A blend of stealthiness and the power of a stallion.
  15. Dusky Dynamo – A lively and energetic black car with a hint of duskiness.
  16. Charcoal Charmer – Mesmerizing with its dark, charcoal-colored allure.
  17. Shadow Sprinter – Quick and agile, disappearing into the shadows effortlessly.
  18. Blackout Blaze – Emphasizing the blazing speed and darkness of the car.
  19. Midnight Majesty – Conveying regal and majestic qualities fitting for a black beauty.
  20. Onyx Oracle – A car that seems to predict and foresee the road ahead.
  21. Twilight Thunder – The power and might of a thunderstorm at twilight.
  22. Nightshade Navigator – Navigating the roads with the mysterious allure of nightshade.
  23. Sooty Serenade – Singing its way through the streets with a touch of sooty charm.
  24. Silhouette Serenity – A calm and peaceful presence, outlined against the night.
  25. Inkwell Impulse – A name hinting at the impulse to drive, inspired by an inkwell.
  26. Black Magic Blitz – A car that seems to perform magic on the roads with its speed.
  27. Eclipse Elation – Bringing joy and excitement akin to witnessing an eclipse.
  28. Dark Knight Drifter – Inspired by the caped crusader, drifting through the night.
  29. Carbon Comet – Speeding like a comet with the strength of carbon.
  30. Ebony Enigma – A mysterious and puzzling presence on the road.
  31. Moonless Mirage – An illusionary beauty, as dark as a night without a moon.
  32. Shady Showstopper – A car that steals the show with its shady, cool demeanor.
  33. Nebula Noir – An embodiment of the beauty found in a dark cosmic nebula.
  34. Slick Shadow – Smooth and sleek, leaving a shadowy impression behind.
  35. Dapper Darkness – A well-dressed, sophisticated darkness in motion.
  36. Black Velvet Vortex – A whirlwind of elegance and luxury, akin to black velvet.
  37. Charcoal Charm – A charming presence painted in the color of charcoal.
  38. Twilight Tempest – The stormy power of twilight captured in a car.
  39. Pitch Black Phoenix – Rising from the darkness with renewed strength and beauty.
  40. Sable Sleekness – Combining the smoothness of sable with the car’s sleek design.
  41. Onyx Opulence – A lavish and opulent black car reminiscent of onyx.
  42. Midnight Mirage – A mirage of beauty and allure in the dead of night.
  43. Ebon Elegance – Embodying elegance in its darkest form.
  44. Shadowy Spectacle – A spectacular sight, shrouded in shadows.
  45. Nightfall Nighthawk – A nocturnal beauty soaring through the night.
  46. Dark Delight – A delightful surprise wrapped in darkness.
  47. Obsidian Ovation – Garnering praise and admiration with its obsidian-like grace.
  48. Velvet Vroom – Smooth and luxurious, with a powerful vroom.
  49. Sleek Silhouette – A well-defined and sleek presence on the road.
  50. Eclipse Elegance – Elegance inspired by the celestial event of an eclipse.
  51. Dusky Dreamer – Dreaming in the hues of dusk, serene and peaceful.
  52. Gothic Grandeur – A grand and majestic presence, steeped in gothic aesthetics.
  53. Inky Intrigue – An intriguing aura inspired by the depths of ink.
  54. Nightshade Nomad – Roaming the streets with the allure of nightshade.
  55. Shadowy Symphony – A symphony of grace and power, shrouded in shadows.
  56. Raven’s Roar – Emulating the powerful cry of a raven, a symbol of intelligence.
  57. Carbon Charisma – Charismatic and magnetic, just like carbon’s allure.
  58. Onyx Odyssey – Embarking on a journey with the grace of onyx.
  59. Twilight Thriller – Thrilling and exciting, especially under the twilight sky.
  60. Sooty Siren – A captivating presence akin to a siren’s call, with a touch of sootiness.
  61. Midnight Muse – Inspiring creativity and awe, much like a muse in the night.
  62. Ebon Echoes – Reverberating echoes of elegance and depth in blackness.
  63. Dark Drifter – Drifting smoothly and effortlessly through the dark.
  64. Shadowy Stunner – A stunning beauty, shrouded in shadows.
  65. Nighttime Navigator – Navigating through the night with precision and style.
  66. Obsidian Odyssey – A journey filled with mystery and allure, inspired by obsidian.
  67. Inky Illusion – An illusionary beauty, reminiscent of the depths of ink.
  68. Blackout Blitz – A fast and powerful rush akin to a blackout.
  69. Nocturnal Nova – Shining brightly in the darkness, much like a nova in the night.
  70. Dusk Drifter – Drifting elegantly in the hues of dusk.

Each of these funny black car names encapsulates a unique essence and personality, ready to adorn your black car with humor, charm, and character on the road.

Funny Black Car Name Suggestions

  1. Inkwell Incognito – A mysterious, hidden charm reminiscent of an inkwell’s secrets.
  2. Midnight Mischief – Implying a mischievous yet playful spirit during the darkest hours.
  3. Stealthy Stardust – Combining stealthiness with a sprinkle of cosmic allure.
  4. Nocturnal Nudge – A gentle but persuasive force, perfect for a black car under the moonlight.
  5. Sable Swagger – Channeling confidence and style with a touch of sable’s elegance.
  6. Shady Chicane – Embracing the shady curves and turns of the road with flair.
  7. Obsidian Odyssey – Signifying an adventurous journey through the depths of darkness.
  8. Dark Knight Drift – Evoking the image of a caped crusader drifting through the night.
  9. Ebon Enchantment – A charming and enchanting presence in deep blackness.
  10. Shadow Samba – A rhythmic and lively dance through the shadows on the road.
  11. Midnight Mirage – Conveying the illusionary beauty of the night’s darkness.
  12. Sooty Serenade – A melodic and soothing presence with a touch of sooty charm.
  13. Carbon Cruise – Cruising smoothly with the strength and endurance of carbon.
  14. Gotham Glam – A nod to the stylish sophistication of Gotham City’s allure.
  15. Inky Intrigue – A name that hints at an intriguing and mysterious persona.
  16. Dusky Delight – Delightful and charming, wrapped in the hues of dusk.
  17. Eclipse Elegance – Embodying grace and sophistication akin to a celestial eclipse.
  18. Black Magic Express – A fast and enchanting ride with a touch of magic.
  19. Raven’s Roar – Symbolizing intelligence and power with the roar of a raven.
  20. Nightfall Navigator – Guiding through the night with precision and style.
  21. Onyx Opus – A masterpiece of elegance and beauty inspired by onyx.
  22. Slick Shadow – Smooth and sleek, leaving a lasting shadowy impression.
  23. Phantom Pharaoh – Commanding respect and authority like an ethereal pharaoh.
  24. Twilight Tango – Dancing gracefully through the twilight hours with finesse.
  25. Shadow Symphony – A symphony of grace and power, shrouded in shadows.
  26. Velvet Vortex – A whirlwind of luxury and comfort akin to black velvet.
  27. Moonless Marvel – A marvelous presence shining brightly despite the absence of the moon.
  28. Charcoal Charm – Charismatic and charming, like the allure of charcoal.
  29. Dapper Darkness – A well-dressed and sophisticated darkness on wheels.
  30. Sable Swirl – Embracing the swirling elegance and style of sable.
  31. Obsidian Odyssey – A journey filled with mystery and allure, inspired by obsidian.
  32. Lunar Lullaby – A calming and soothing presence under the lunar light.
  33. Midnight Muse – Inspiring creativity and wonder like a muse in the night.
  34. Gothic Gala – A grand celebration of style and sophistication in Gothic fashion.
  35. Ebon Echoes – Reverberating echoes of elegance and depth in blackness.
  36. Dark Drifter – Effortlessly drifting through the dark with style and ease.
  37. Shadowy Stunner – A stunning beauty, shrouded in shadows.
  38. Nighttime Navigator – Navigating the night’s paths with grace and precision.
  39. Inky Illusion – An illusionary beauty inspired by the depths of ink.
  40. Blackout Blitz – A fast and powerful rush akin to a blackout.
  41. Nocturnal Nova – Shining brightly in the darkness, much like a nova in the night sky.
  42. Dusk Drifter – Drifting elegantly in the hues of dusk.
  43. Gothic Glimmer – A shimmering presence with a touch of Gothic charm.
  44. Sooty Sonata – A melodic and harmonious drive with a sooty touch.
  45. Ebon Euphoria – Bringing joy and excitement in the depths of darkness.
  46. Onyx Odyssey – Embarking on a grand adventure with the grace of onyx.
  47. Midnight Masquerade – A playful and mysterious presence under the midnight veil.
  48. Twilight Traction – Strong and reliable even in the dim light of twilight.
  49. Sable Serenade – A soothing and melodic charm reminiscent of sable.
  50. Obsidian Oasis – A refreshing oasis of elegance and allure in the darkness.

Hilarious Black Car Names

  1. Carbonator Cruiser
  2. Midnight Madness Machine
  3. Shadowy Shindig Wagon
  4. Black Beauty Beast
  5. Inky Incognito Mobile
  6. Sable Sleekmobile
  7. The Dark Destroyer
  8. Midnight Mystery Ride
  9. Ebon Elegance Express
  10. Obsidian Obliterator
  11. Nocturnal Nifty Cruiser
  12. Raven’s Rev-Up
  13. Pitch Black Powerhouse
  14. The Night Ninja
  15. Sooty Speedster
  16. Gotham’s Glide
  17. Dapper Darkness Drive
  18. Twilight Terror Tracker
  19. Shadow Streaker
  20. Onyx Opulence Orb
  21. Charcoal Charm Chariot
  22. Slick Shadow Sprint
  23. Moonless Marvel Machine
  24. Eclipse Elegance Express
  25. Dusky Dream Drive
  26. Midnight Maneuver Master
  27. Gothic Gallop
  28. Sable Swaggermobile
  29. Blackout Bullet
  30. Phantom Pharaoh Mobile
  31. Nightfall Navigo
  32. Dark Drift Devil
  33. Obsidian Odyssey Ride
  34. Twilight Tornado
  35. Sooty Symphony Shuttle
  36. Ebon Eleganza Express
  37. Gothic Gala Glide
  38. Inky Instinct
  39. Moonless Magic Machine
  40. Noir Nectar
  41. Shadowy Sleekster
  42. Midnight Maverick Mobile
  43. Dusk Drift Dynamo
  44. Black Blitz Buggy
  45. Phantom Fury Fleet
  46. Sable Speed Strider
  47. Obsidian Oasis Odyssey
  48. Raven’s Rushmobile
  49. Carbon Comet Cruiser
  50. Stealthy Sable Supercar

Enjoy the ride with these hilariously named black cars!

Funny Black Car Nicknames

  1. The Dark Knight
  2. The Black Pearl
  3. Midnight Marvel
  4. Shadow Cruiser
  5. Inky Express
  6. Carbon Comet
  7. Gotham Glam
  8. Sable Speedster
  9. Obsidian Odyssey
  10. Nightfall Navigator
  11. The Raven Rider
  12. Eclipse Enigma
  13. Noir Nighthawk
  14. Dusky Dynamo
  15. Sooty Sprinter
  16. The Ebony Elegance
  17. Stealth Stallion
  18. Charcoal Charm
  19. Moonless Mirage
  20. The Black Magic Wagon
  21. Phantom Pharaoh
  22. Twilight Thunder
  23. Slick Shadow
  24. Onyx Opulence
  25. The Shadowy Symphony
  26. The Midnight Mirage
  27. Raven’s Roar
  28. Ebon Echo
  29. Gothic Gallop
  30. Carbon Cruiser
  31. Dapper Darkness
  32. Obsidian Ovation
  33. Sable Sleekness
  34. Twilight Tempest
  35. The Nightshade Nomad
  36. Sooty Serenade
  37. Midnight Muse
  38. Inky Illusion
  39. Ebon Euphoria
  40. The Dark Drifter
  41. Shadowy Stunner
  42. Blackout Blitz
  43. Sable Swirl
  44. Gothic Glimmer
  45. Nocturnal Nova
  46. Moonless Marvel
  47. Twilight Traction
  48. The Black Velvet Vortex
  49. Dusk Drifter
  50. Phantom Fury

These funny black car nicknames add a touch of humor and personality to your black car!

Funny Black Car Name Ideas

  1. The Shadow Hauler
  2. Midnight Mojo Machine
  3. Blackout Bomber
  4. Inky Enigma
  5. Sable Swagmobile
  6. Carbon Cruiser
  7. The Noirmobile
  8. Ebon Express
  9. Nighttime Nifty Whip
  10. The Obsidian Odyssey
  11. The Dark Diva
  12. Raven’s Ride
  13. Pitch Black Powerhouse
  14. The Stealthy Stallion
  15. Sooty Speedster
  16. Gotham’s Ghost
  17. Dapper Darkness Drive
  18. Twilight Tornado
  19. The Shadow Sprint
  20. Moonless Marvel
  21. Eclipse Elegance
  22. Dusky Delight
  23. The Midnight Maverick
  24. The Ebony Enigma
  25. Nocturnal Navigator
  26. Slick Shadow Cruiser
  27. The Phantom Pharaoh
  28. Carbon Comet Carriage
  29. Obsidian Oasis
  30. The Nightfall Navigo
  31. Gothic Gallop
  32. Inky Instincts
  33. The Raven Runner
  34. Charcoal Charm Cruiser
  35. Sable Swoosh
  36. The Midnight Mirage
  37. The Eclipse Express
  38. Gothic Gala Glide
  39. The Shadowy Sleekster
  40. Sooty Symphony
  41. The Dusk Drifter
  42. Black Blitz Buggy
  43. Phantom Fury Fleet
  44. Raven’s Rushmobile
  45. Carbon Comet Cruiser
  46. Stealthy Sable Stallion
  47. Obsidian Oasis Odyssey
  48. The Twilight Thunderer
  49. Midnight Marvel Machine
  50. Ebon Elegance Express

Enjoy giving your black car a funny and unique identity with these funny black car name ideas!

Funny Names for Black Cars

  1. The Shadow-Mobile
  2. Midnight Mischief Maker
  3. The Dark Delight
  4. Inky Incognito
  5. Sable Surprise
  6. Carbon Cruiser
  7. Gotham’s Giggle
  8. Obsidian Oddity
  9. Nighttime Nutter
  10. The Raven Ride
  11. Pitch Black Prankster
  12. Stealthy Speedster
  13. Dusk Daredevil
  14. Ebon Elixir
  15. Nocturnal Nudge
  16. The Shadowy Sleuth
  17. Sooty Surprise
  18. The Black Beauty
  19. Gothic Giggler
  20. Twilight Trickster
  21. The Phantom Pharaoh
  22. Carbon Comet
  23. Moonless Marvel
  24. The Dark Dynamo
  25. Raven’s Roost
  26. Charcoal Chuckle
  27. The Obsidian Opus
  28. Midnight Maverick
  29. The Eclipse Emissary
  30. Dusky Dare
  31. Slick Shadow
  32. Ebon Enigma
  33. The Nighttime Ninja
  34. Gothic Guffaw
  35. Inky Imp
  36. Sable Surprise Package
  37. The Midnight Misfit
  38. The Stealth Stunner
  39. The Shadow Showoff
  40. Sooty Swagger
  41. The Nighttime Nutcase
  42. The Dark Dazzler
  43. Phantom Funk
  44. Twilight Tumbler
  45. Carbon Clown Car
  46. Ebon Eccentric
  47. The Moonless Magician
  48. Raven’s Ruckus
  49. Midnight Madness
  50. The Black Blitz

Hope these playful black car names add some humor and character to your black car!


Embark on your journey of creativity by christening your black beauty with funny black car names that reflects its personality and adds a touch of amusement to your driving adventures. After all, driving should be as fun as the car itself!


Are these names officially used by car manufacturers?

No, these names are playful suggestions inspired by the essence of black cars. Car manufacturers usually opt for more conventional names for their models.

Can I customize my car’s name?

Absolutely! Many car owners give their vehicles unique names to reflect their personality or the car’s characteristics.

Are there any real cars with such creative names?

While car manufacturers tend to opt for more conventional names, enthusiasts often give their cars quirky and amusing names to add a touch of fun.

How can I choose a funny name for my black car?

Consider the car’s characteristics, your personality, or the feeling you want the name to evoke. Let your imagination run wild!

Do car names impact a vehicle’s performance?

Not at all! The name doesn’t affect a car’s performance; it’s all about personalizing your driving experience.

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